Quiz: 85% of People can't get through this "everything '90s quiz" without a hint of Nostalgia. How About You?
85% of People can't get through this "everything '90s quiz" without a hint of Nostalgia. How About You?
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About This Quiz

There were tons of good things that came out of the ‘90s that made us all smile. If you were a child at the time you might have loved Sticky Hands or Moon Shoes, although some kids were more into Floam and Beanie Babies. As for teens, they were watching Beavis and Butt-Head cartoons or were laughing until they cried watching American Pie. Sure, there were political, historical and tragic events during the ‘90s, but this quiz is here to recall the good times. Like going to the movies … 

As an adult in the ‘90s you were able to watch some of the best films in the decade, like Titanic and The Green Mile. Some people became devoted Tarantino fans after they watched Pulp Fiction. This film, full of black humor, broke the mold. It was also chock full of profanity. Specifically, the characters in this film drop the F bomb like it's going out of style, setting the stage for most future Tarantino offerings. All in all, the film contains 265 F-words!

Of course, adults with kids were watching TV as a family. The big hits with kids at the time were Rugrats, Doug and The Ren & Stimpy Show, which all debuted on the same day! Get ready to get nostalgic. Take this quiz now.

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