Quiz: Can You Figure Out Which TV Couple Belongs On What Show?
Can You Figure Out Which TV Couple Belongs On What Show?
By: Chelsea
Image: TMDB

About This Quiz

"We were on a break!" Okay, we get it. They were on a break, or were they? If you can name this popular TV couple, chances are you're not among the of 85% of people who can't match these TV couples.

While we all love a hilarious comedy, what would a TV show be without a bit of romance? Love isn't a secondhand emotion for these couples! Traveling back to the '50s, we'd catch ambitious Lucy with a taste for stardom and her singing husband Ricky. You might also see bus driver Ralph promising to send his wife to the moon!

Traveling forward in time, you could be watching George and Weezy moving on up to the East Side or Mike and Carol blending their families. Growing up in the '90s might've caused you to cheer on Cory and Topanga, while a love for all things musical led you to Kurt and Blaine in the 2000s.

With all these couples over the decades, we've been left with high school sweethearts, break-ups, make-ups and marriages. It was such a roller coaster of emotions that sometimes you might've felt like you were in the relationship! After witnessing these relationships, do you think you can remember them all? Can you pick out some of the most iconic couples to have ever been on screen? Will you and this quiz form the ultimate TV couple? Let's find out!

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