Quiz: How Many Greek Gods and Goddesses Can You Name From One Image?
How Many Greek Gods and Goddesses Can You Name From One Image?
By: Narra Jackson
Image: GNU Free Documentation License

About This Quiz

The stories of love, revenge, conceit and power are why Greek mythology has held our fascination throughout the ages. And talk about plot twists! From shape-shifting to curses and never-ending tortures, the Greek myths were spellbinding. For instance, Hades had a cap or helmet that made its wearer invisible. Poseidon possessed a palace made of gems and coral, located on the ocean floor. Dionysus was the god of wine but also of ritual madness, religious ecstasy, and theater. Absolutely fascinating. So how well-versed are you in Greek mythology? This is your chance to prove it. Take the quiz now. 

One of the captivating features of Greek mythology was the cast of characters. There were heroes like Prometheus who was the protector and benefactor of mankind and monsters who were also gods. For instance, Typhon was a giant who was as tall as the stars. His hands stretched east and west and, instead of a human head, he had a hundred dragon heads that erupted from his neck and shoulders. The quiz will open your eyes to these mythical gods and an even larger cast of demi-god characters. Take the quiz now and see if you can do better than the 85% of people who can't name these Greek gods. 

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