Quiz: 85% of People Can't Tell if These Motorcycles Are Harley or Indian. Can You?
85% of People Can't Tell if These Motorcycles Are Harley or Indian. Can You?
By: Craig
Image: Youtube

About This Quiz

Think you're a true motorhead?  This quiz will test your ability to identify whether a given motorcycle is from one or the other of America's most famous motorcycle makers.

Who among us at one time or another hasn't thought about taking to the open road on a motorcycle and leaving our cares, responsibilities, bills, bosses and (in some cases) significant others behind?  Since the days of "Easy Rider," when Peter Fonda made us all want to have a bike under us and trouble on the horizon, and even years before that, the life of a motorcycle rider (or "biker" if you have the right clothes) has been alluring.

In this quiz, we're going to show you sweet rides from two of the most hallowed of American motorcycle manufacturers, Harley-Davidson and Indian. Both have storied histories and decades of tales of the open road to back them up, although Harleys tend to be the more recognized of the two.  Can you pick out which is which given only a picture and a hint?

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