Quiz: Can You Guess What These Car Parts Are?
Can You Guess What These Car Parts Are?
By: Craig

About This Quiz

Did you know that cars are made up of thousands of pieces, each one with its own function that needs to work correctly with all others for your vehicle to even operate? Just imagine a bad wire, a twisted cord, or the damage that old or nonexistent lubrication can cause to a system.  But, your no slouch mechanic when it comes to cars are you? You know the ins and outs of cars and what makes them run. Or, do you? This quiz has 50 essential car parts that most cars need to have to operate, or at least perform in tolerable conditions. 

Do you think you can identify an AC Compressor from a blower motor just by looking at an image? You may know what an axle shaft is and what it does, but could you identify one? Do you know the difference between brake rotors and calipers? The door lock actuator is used everytime you enter and drive your car and is considered one of the best safety features every new vehicle should have. But, have you ever seen one before? Unless you've worked on a car, you may not have. 

These are the parts that help your car run and keep you safe. How many do you think you can figure out from an image? Buckle up; this quiz is going to take you on a ride!

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