Quiz: Only 88% of People Can Identify These Fruits and Veggies in our Hidden Picture Game. Are You One of Them?
Only 88% of People Can Identify These Fruits and Veggies in our Hidden Picture Game. Are You One of Them?
By: Chelsea
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

The snap of a crisp, home-grown green bean. The juiciness that bursts forth from a perfectly-ripe tomato. If gardening grabs your heart and soul throughout spring, summer, and fall, then this is the quiz for you. You'll plow through the questions in no time to identify all your favorite fruits and vegetables.  

It's worth it. The sore back from weeding, dealing with the dirt that adheres under your nails, even all the time wasted lugging fertilizer and topsoil from the store. But then it starts to happen, the first sprout, then the first flower and then the first tiny fruit or vegetable. Suddenly, your entire garden is a cornucopia of fresh, delicious produce that you only need to harvest to enjoy dozens upon dozens of healthy meals. Yes, the rewards are worth the work. 

It's time to get back into the planting mindset and check out the photos we've gathered for you. It will be a piece of carrot cake for you to identify the garden goodies from the photographs. Challenge your best gardening buddy and compare the results. (You already do it with your vegetables anyway.) Start the quiz now. 

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