Quiz: 87% of People Can't Name These People Who Are on Stamps. Can You?
87% of People Can't Name These People Who Are on Stamps. Can You?
By: Valerie
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About This Quiz

Do you collect postage stamps? If so, you might be able to identify these famous people who have appeared on U.S. postage stamps. But you don't have to be a collector to recognize these famous faces. Take this quiz to find out how many you can identify.

Postage stamps are essentially little pictures. After all, they'd be pretty boring if they were just one solid color. These tiny squares have played host to animals, people, buildings and depictions of events, but not just anyone can get their image on a stamp. You have to be a pretty important person to be immortalized on one.

But U.S. postage stamps have not always been a way to showcase pretty pictures. Until 1840, stamps were inked hand stamps - hence the use of the word "stamp." Stamps were relatively unnecessary until that time, because it was the recipient who paid for the mail to be delivered, not the sender. The collection of fees for stamps, instead of collecting from the recipient, enabled postal systems around the world to enact more efficient delivery and processing of mail. The ability to add a bit of decoration to the mail was merely a pleasant side effect of the development.

Can you ace this quiz? Let's get started.

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