Quiz: 87% of People Have Trouble Naming the Most Interesting People in History! How About You?
87% of People Have Trouble Naming the Most Interesting People in History! How About You?
By: Staff

About This Quiz

Can you tell George Washington from Gandhi or Shakespeare from Stephen Hawking from a single photo? Could you recognize legendary leader Julius Caesar or infamous outlaw Jesse James? Take our quiz to see if you can spot some of the most interesting people who've ever lived from just a single image!

The population of the Earth topped 7 billion for the first time in 2012 and is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050. Sounds like a whole lot of people, right? Well, the current population of the planet is actually just a drop in the bucket. Since Homo sapiens first walked the Earth around 50,000 years ago, well over 100 billion people have called the planet home at one point or another. 

Most of these 100 billion people were born, lived simple lives and died. Sure, their lives were meaningful to their families, but the vast majority of their names and faces have been forgotten. A small percentage of those lives, however, had such an impact that their names have been remembered even after their deaths. Perhaps they made important scientific or technological discoveries, became revered leaders, launched beloved creative endeavors, fought for important causes, or committed horrific crimes.

Whatever the reason, these names have lived on long after the individuals themselves have passed. Think you can recognize their faces? Take our quiz to prove it!

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