Quiz: How Well Do You Know Fast-Food Restaurant Logos?
How Well Do You Know Fast-Food Restaurant Logos?
By: Narra Jackson
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Ba-da-ba-ba-ba, I'm lovin' it! While most people are singing that about their favorite fast food chain, you'll be singing it about this quiz once you're done! From all the fast food chains in the world, how well can you recognize their logo? 88% of people can't name them all, but will you prove that you're at the top of the food chain?

If you think about some of your favorite fast food chains, you'll probably find their logos in red, yellow, or a mixture of both. Thought this was a coincidence? Think again! Many companies choose to set their logos in these colors because they want to evoke a particular emotion from you, their customers! Psychologists have shown that the color red is great for triggering hunger. Yellow is also a great color for triggering emotion. Mix those two together, and you'll find yourself running to the closest seller of burgers and french fries. 

While this holds true for chains like McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's, what about the other restaurants? Chains like Subway and Taco Bell incorporate other colors like blue and green into their logos, which are said to have more calming effects. 

Can these colors help you narrow down these fast food logos? Will a flash of red pig-tails help you narrow down the chicken nugget seller? Will the combination of red, yellow, and blue remind you of the place where you can 'have it your way?'

For this quiz, you'll have to "think outside the bun!" Are you ready to prove that you belong at the top of the fast-food chain? Let's find out!

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