Quiz: Can You Name These 1980s Sitcoms From A Screenshot?
Can You Name These 1980s Sitcoms From A Screenshot?
By: Craig

About This Quiz

If you like to laugh, then you were always watching sitcoms in the '80s. And there was so much to watch! Plus, the best of the bunch ran season after season. Best of all, the cast of characters grew richer and more complex as you watched. The situation comedies brought familiar faces that you eagerly tuned into each night. Will you be able to name these sitcoms from a single image? Pull up a chair and try your best. You’re sure to do better than 88% of people who tried. Start now. 

From “Designing Women” to “A Different World” to “Roseanne,” there was enough diversity to satisfy everyone’s tastes. And the sitcoms united us all. With only a few channels from which to choose, most everyone was getting hooked on the same shows as you. Do you recall the long-running favorites like “Mork and Mindy”, “Newhart” and “Coach”? And then there were spinoffs from favorite shows like “Three’s a Crowd” that followed Jack’s character from “Three’s Company." "Joanie Loves Chachi" was a spin-off of the extremely popular sitcom, "Happy Days." The characters who were our favorites kept coming back. But now it’s time to test those memory cells! Take the quiz now by clicking the button below.

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