Super Fans Know Which Walking Dead Characters Are Dead Or Alive. Do You?

By: Jody Mabry

Rick Grimes has always been well-meaning during the course of "Walking Dead." However, life in a dystopian zombie-filled world can take a good man down. Aside from Walkers, Rick is responsible for the most deaths in the series.

Daryl Dixon has been rumored to die in every season since season one. But this fan favorite still holds on as he sees his friends come and go.

Patricia was taken down by a horde of Walkers. She is the last person to have died in season 2.

Maggie has seen nearly everyone in her family die. This naive country girl has grown up to be one of the strongest characters and Walker-killers on the series.

Michonne has grown to be a sword-wielding favorite. However, when the character was first introduced to the screen, the actress, Danai Gurira, hadn't been cast yet. The caped and hooded figure was a random actor.

Beth Greene is a soft-spoken character who had multiple relationships until she ultimately died by Walker. Her disappearance at the end of season 4 left viewers in agony, wondering what happened. She was shot in the head and killed in season 5.

Caesar is the last of the last of three to watch the Governor murder the remaining Woodbury members at the prison. He is later killed by the Governor, who feeds him to Walkers.

Eugene may be the least likely to survive a zombie apocalypse. More people have died trying to save Eugene, thinking he was an important scientist, than any other character. And he is just fine with that.

Carl Grimes story really is a coming-of-age tale. However, one of actor Chandler Riggs' most memorable scenes to shoot was the chocolate pudding scene. He nearly finished the entire 112-ounce pudding can while shooting.

Denise is accidentally killed by Dwight, who was aiming for Daryl. She is the first in Rick's group to be killed by someone in Negan's group.

Carol, a survivor, had been abused by her husband in the TV series. However, her husband was never mentioned in the graphic novels.

Sasha joined Rick, part of her brother, Tyrese's group. However, now she is the lone prison newcomer and only known survivor of her family and original group.

Noah is killed by Walkers in rotating doors. His last words to Glenn were to encourage Glenn, as opposed to being a plea for help as many viewers thought.

Tara puts on a facade of toughness to hide her friendly and compassionate nature. She is the last survivor of her family and the Caesar Martinez Camp.

Rosita Espinosa cares for her group and tries to keep sanity and friendships alive. It is later divulged that she may have never been alone before and uses other characters' emotional issues to deal with her own.

The Governor has one of the highest kill numbers in the "Walking Dead" series, despite being killed off in season 4. While Michonne runs a sword into his back, she leaves him to die alone. Later, Lily shoots him in the head.

Father Stokes is traumatized by his past actions, when he barricaded people out of the church. He originally thought Rick Grimes' group was sent by God to punish him, but he's since become a valuable member of the group. Stokes is one of the few people who retains religious faith.

Abraham is a tough and often reckless character. He has lost his entire family, which may contribute to his frequent anger. He is one of the original characters who put his life at risk to keep Eugene alive.

Hershel Greene raised his daughters well, as they survive longer than most. However, he loses family and body parts alike until his death. Scott Wilson played roles in two similarly named shows: "The Walking Dead" and "Dead Man Walking."

Lori Grimes had the first spattering of infidelity on the show. The baby subsequently led to her demise, as she died in an emergency C-section performed by Maggie. Her son, Carl, then shot Lori in the head to ensure she would not return as a Walker.

Andrea had a habit of getting involved with the bad boys - first Shane and then the Governor, who would lead to her death. However, in the graphic novel, Andrea survives and is Rick's lover.

Aaron has always felt like an outsider. His faith in people and nature have given Daryl purpose and a willingness to help others.

Morgan is one of the few people who has not adopted the principle of killing in "The Walking Dead." Ironically, it is Carol, his ideological nemesis, who he saves by killing a member of the Saviors.

Tyreese finds within himself a compassionate and capable leader, taking care of Judith Grimes, Lizzie and Mika when escaping from the prison. He is later attacked by zombies, which bite him. In an attempt to save his life, Michonne cuts off his arm and Tyreese succumbs to blood loss.

Spencer is killed by Negan with an old fashioned gutting. Rick Grimes later comes upon the zombied corpse of Spencer and finishes the job with a knife to the head.

Shane lures Rick into a field to kill him, but Rick gets the better of the situation and kills his old friend. Then Carl finishes Shane off for his first zombie kill in the series.

In the episode "Killer Within," T-Dog was scripted to survive and Carol was going to die. However, the scene played out with T-Dog throwing himself at Walkers to save Carol.

Bob was the last survivor of the prison newcomers. However, he is taken down by Walkers during a supply run.

Dale joking tells Andrea, "Besides, we've all wanted to shoot Daryl." Ironically it is Daryl who shoots Dale, out of mercy. Dale is Daryl's first human kill.

Enid survives her parents' death while jump starting a car. She later goes on to have a romantic "fling" with Carl Grimes.

Jessie is the second main character to die in a mid-season premier. She is killed by Walkers while mourning her son's death.

Deanna is the only celebrity-status person on the show, aside from ex-footballer Tyreese. She is an Ohio politician and is brought down by a horde of Walkers. She is found reanimated about two months later, then killed and buried.

Dwight is a high-ranking member of the Saviors. In the episode, "Always Accountable," he is credited as D.

Glenn has had several close calls since his first appearance. But, it is his relationship with Maggie that has made him a better survivor. In the graphic novels, this duo adopts young Sophia.

Olivia is one of the few characters credited in an episode they were not in: "East." She is a resident of the Alexandria Safe-Zone. She is also shown as a trusted person to Rick and she cares for Judith.

Shumpert plays a second, and different, character in Season 1 as a Vatos thug. He also originally appeared in season 4 before his scenes were cut, leading writers to have Martinez report that Shumpert had become careless and died.

Paul is better known as Jesus on the show, due to his behavior and looks. Jesus is the sixth LGBT character.

Jimmy is the first of Beth's boyfriends to succumb to Walkers. He is ripped apart by Walkers while trying to escape from an RV.

Milton is one of the Governor's most trusted. However, he is later killed by the Governor, in an attempt to save Andrea.

Sam has a panic attack when he sees a child Walker. The noise he creates sends Walkers his way and he becomes the first on-screen child to be seen killed by Walkers.

Lizzie kills her sister, Mika, to prove Mika will return the same as before she died. Carol and Tyreese realize Lizzie is a threat to everyone, due to mental instability, and Carol kills her.

Gregory is the leader of the HIlltop community. He has problems remembering names, often referring to Rick Grimes as Rich. Rich was ironically in the casting call for Gregory.

Ron attempts to kill Rick, who he blames for his parents' deaths. Michonne stabs Ron in the chest. The recoil of the gun causes a misfire, which takes out Carl's eye.

Axel was a peaceful man. He is killed by the Governor from a long range while talking to Carol. Carol then uses Axel's body to shield herself from several of the Governor's bullets.

While an antagonist, Nicholas' life is spared by Glenn. The appreciation occurs as he later tells Glenn, "Thank you," before shooting himself in the head, instead of becoming victim to a horde of Walkers.

Tobin is one of a short list of characters in the series who outlive their graphic novel counterpart.

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