Quiz: 89% of People Can't Name All of These Common Kitchen Tools and Gadgets! Can You?
89% of People Can't Name All of These Common Kitchen Tools and Gadgets! Can You?
By: Chelsea
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About This Quiz

There seems to be a gadget for everything, from removing egg shells to slicing and dicing vegetables. But the gadgets found in this quiz aren’t the kind you plug in (except maybe a toaster or blender). Instead, you’ll find these tools in a normal, everyday kitchen. And if you do more than throw a frozen dinner into the microwave each night, these gadgets are probably already in a drawer or cabinet of your kitchen. Take the quiz now - it will be a breeze.

You don’t have to be a gourmand to appreciate the tools that help make dinner preparations faster. From knife sharpeners to graters and various pots and pans, these gadgets help you do it all – bake, fry, stew and broil. And if you’ve been noticing how each new recipe requests a specific type of preparation – from checking the temperature of the meat to adding zest of a lemon, you’re not alone. You need more tools to keep up! You probably have most or all these gadgets in a kitchen drawer that’s hard to open and disorganized once you peer into it. So, go ahead, pull out that crazy drawer and take the quiz. It will be easy to ace. Just click the button below to get started.


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