Quiz: 89% of People Can't Name All These Everyday Garage Tools! Can You?
89% of People Can't Name All These Everyday Garage Tools! Can You?
By: Staff Writer
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About This Quiz

Oh, the garage. It's your favorite part of the house. But who are we kidding here? You don't keep your car in the garage. In fact, you might keep everything but the car in the garage. 

You love fixing cars. You love fixing up and repairing your home, and let's not forget your lovely garden that you spend so many hours working on... so many hours! From saws and hammers to ladders and tool belts, can you name all of these tools you might find in your garage? If you are the home DIYer we think you are, then you should have no problem. But if your days aren't spent adding on new additions to your home or building tree houses for your kids, then you might have to pull up some of that lost knowledge of your childhood home. 

Do you know what a ball-peen hammer is, compared to a sledgehammer? What's the difference between a Phillips and a flat-head screwdriver? Using the right tool for the job means knowing what the different tools are. 

So, is your garage organized enough for you to identify the tools lingering about? If you think you have the tools and plans to take on this quiz, it's time to stop reading and get to work!

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