Guess That '90s Toy Quiz!

By: Deborah Stansil

Every cool kid had sticky hands - brightly colored hands on sticky strings that stretched to pick up small, light objects.

A firm favorite through the '90s, Polly Pocket came with hundreds of accessories and different play sets. Multiple dolls were also available.

The '90s Furby was one of the first interactive toys that "learned" from users. It started out speaking "Furbish," but soon learned to respond with English phrases.

These tiny balls can be molded together to make your creations without making a mess. No glue required. The Floam will set in shape so you can keep your models, too!

Given away in Happy Meals, McChangeables, also known as McRobots, were McDonalds' answer to Transformers.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles worked together to stop evil Shredder. Over a shared love of pizza, the Ninja Turtles would stop at nothing to beat their enemies!

This fun toy, which is basically a ball on a string, would encourage kids to get coordinated - or have cracked ankle bones!

Made popular by Nickelodeon, Moon Shoes strap over your own shoes, letting you feel like you're walking in an anti-gravity environment. Billed as mini trampolines for your feet, Moon Shoes have built-in springs, allowing you to bounce around to your heart's content!

Hugely collectible, Beanie Babies came in all manner of creatures including bears, cats and dogs. The stuffing wasn't really beans, of course.

These squeezable balls were a firm favorite, due to their unique texture and bright colors.

Arguably the most dangerous toy of the nineties, many people believed that this toy could blind people if shined directly into their eyes. It was soon banned in most schools!

In this game, players take turns pressing on Croc's teeth - if you choose a sore one, he'll bite!

Red, black, blue, yellow, pink, green and white made up the '90s Power Rangers crew. The characters were featured on a television series that premiered in 1993 and lasted until 1999.

Players must be quiet during this fridge raiding game. if they wake Daddy, they must return to the start of the board!

Tickle Me Elmo is a replica of the adorable fuzzy character from Sesame Street. He laughs when you tickle him!

Made popular by the cartoon show, He-Man was hugely sought after in the '80s and '90s.

Pogs were the ultimate collect-and-trade cards of the '90s. They were named for a Hawaiian drink, made with pomegranate, orange and guava. Could you beat your friends in a slam off?

These figurines were based on characters from the popular "X-Men" comics, published by Marvel. They were created and led by Professor X, born Charles Francis Xavier.

This versatile table could be used for table tennis, pool and air hockey, and came with all of the bits for each game! Perfect for a family tournament on a rainy day!

Mr. Bucket would spit out a range of colored balls. Each player had to scoop up the balls that matched the color of their scoop and put them back in the bucket. The first player to have all of their balls inside Mr. Bucket won the game!

Stretch Armstrong can be contorted into any position - even tied in knots - and will revert back to his original shape when released. Ouch!

The Gloworm was a friendly, soft-bodied toy. Its face would light up to be used as a night light.

These dinosaur toys with a difference came with battle scars and open wounds from their battles! Heal them in the Dino-Damage Medical Center.

These figures are based on the animated series of the same name, where the four half-man, half-shark heroes fight crime. Seems kinda similar to the Ninja Turtles.

By using air pressure, this water gun shoots faster and further than any other, making it every kid's favourite weapon!

The outdoor slip and slide slide that was fun for everyone in the family. Simply add water and slide for miles!

Mall Madness is a board game about shopping at the mall. The winner is the first to complete their shopping list and then get back to the parking lot.

Also known as a Lolo Ball, the Pogo Ball gave '90s kids hours of fun. Grip the ball between your feet while balancing on the plastic ring, then bounce to your heart's content!

The Planeteers each held a ring. The rings represented fire, water, earth, wind and heart and could be used to summon Captain Planet in times of need.

Boggle is a two-person game involving making as many words as you can in a set time from the letters generated by the game cubes.

Power Wheels were aimed at the two- to five-year-old market. These ride-on cars allowed kids to get a taste for driving.

Perfection was a game played against the clock. The aim was to get all 25 of your pieces in the right places on your tray before the time ran out. Fail, and your pieces were ejected!

Whoever would have thought that the dummies used in testing vehicle safety would have spawned a popular toy? That's exactly what happened with the Crash Test Dummies!

Each fun figurine came with a trading card that told the monster's story. When you got enough cards, you could play games with them, with your friends.

Barbie dolls, made by Mattel, are probably the most popular doll in the world. Don't forget to get your Barbie a Ken doll and a whole host of accessories, including evening gowns and a Dreamhouse!

These dolls were based on the members of New Kids on the Block: brothers Donnie and Mark Wahlberg, brothers Jordan and Jonathan Knight, Joey McIntyre and Danny Wood.

The Talk Boy is a recorder and player in one. A kid's answer to a Dictaphone! It was featured in the movie "Home Alone 2."

These pocket-sized figures lived in a skull or a coiled snake and were marketed as Polly Pocket for boys.

Tech Decks, or finger skateboards, were all the rage in the '90s, when kids would proudly show off the tracks, ramps and tricks!

Tiger Games was one of the first companies to produce a handheld LED device for game playing. Each one had a theme, such as WWF or G.I. Joe.

Burger King's answer to the Happy Meal toys! One set featured the Scooby Doo gang.

The Yak Bak was a toy used by '90s children to record themselves. Singing, rhyming or experimenting with funny voices - it all happened on the Yak Bak

First created by a Danish woodworker, Thomas Dam, Troll Dolls were best known for their brightly colored, tufty hair. They also had dark alien eyes and plastic bodies.

The concept is simple - place the hoop around your waist and move your hips in a circular motion to keep it up. Not as easy as it sounds!

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Ask any kid from the ‘90s and they’ll tell you their childhood toys were the coolest because they were both retro yet modern. The 90’s saw a unique merge between classic kid toys and new technology, hence music players that only played one song. Literally, one song. If you remember, then you might just pass this entire quiz!

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