Quiz: 90% of People Can't Name These Dangerous Land and Sea Creatures. Can You?
90% of People Can't Name These Dangerous Land and Sea Creatures. Can You?
By: Jody Mabry
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

When it comes to dangerous animals, everyone knows about the obvious ones like snakes and the sharks, but there are many more creatures out there, some of which can do a lot more harm to us humans than those which were mentioned before. They can be found all over the world, many of which, in the depths of the ocean and under the shadow of night. There are also those which can be found in plain sight and can pounce on unsuspecting targets.

Animals can be called deadly for different reasons, whether it is because they are venomous, poisonous, aggressive or unpredictable. Some of them act when they feel threatened while others kill for food. Some of the well-known animals include the Brazilian wandering spider, the hippopotamus, the crocodile, the box jellyfish and the African lion, while lesser known creatures include the Tse Tse fly, the poison dart frog, the cone snail and the venomous stonefish. 

If you were given different images of these dangerous animals, would you be able to tell what kind of animal it is and what its name is? Well, this quiz was designed to test just that, take it to find out how well you know these dangerous creatures!

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