Quiz: 90s Kids: Can You Name All of These Nostalgic Items From Your Generation?
90s Kids: Can You Name All of These Nostalgic Items From Your Generation?
By: Jody Mabry
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

The '90s were a special time for Americans, as they recognized the nostalgia of past decades along with a full swing into what would become one of the biggest booming economies the world had ever seen. It also marked one of the longest non-war stretches America has ever had. But you were there, you know all about ... the fashion, television shows, and this new thing called, oh what was it? Reality TV.

The '90s adapted the style of past generations and set up the 2000s to succeed in unimaginable ways, although you are still waiting for that hoverboard to come around. But, hey! At least the Cubbies did eventually win the World Series. Putting your "Back to the Future" knowledge aside, you really want to go in heavy about toys like Skip-it and Pogo. Or, maybe you were an action figure kid and couldn't think of anything better than an X-Men duel or prepping He-Man for a clash with Skeletor. 

Not into toys? How about movies? Could you identify "Ten Things I Hate About You" or "Pulp Fiction" from a single screenshot? How about "Roseanne," "Friends," or "Seinfeld?"

You don't have to be from the '90s to feel the nostalgia flowing through your veins with this quiz. So, slip into your moon shoes and see how many of these '90s items you can identify from an image!

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