Quiz: Can You Complete These Common Phrases?
Can You Complete These Common Phrases?
By: Olivia Seitz
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About This Quiz

Are you word smart? Then you know an idiom is a word or phrase that has developed a meaning that is different than the meaning of the words the idiom is constructed with? Right? It's not difficult. Think of phrases such as "raining cats and dogs," "kick the bucket," "straight from the horse's mouth," and "once in a blue moon." 

Now, we've never witnessed cats and dogs actually falling from the sky, we're pretty sure that kicking a bucket wouldn't kill you, horses can't talk, and the moon isn't actually blue. The thing is that these colorful phrases are idioms; they are phrases that developed over time to have meanings other than what is literally meant.

All languages have idioms. They are one of the components of language that make learning a language other than your native tongue difficult. If you told a new English learner that it was raining cats and dogs outside, he or she would likely be very confused... or think you were seeing something. 

Idioms are fun. Take this quiz to find out if you know common phrases better than most everyone else.

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Asking for help when it's not needed is called "crying _______."
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He made it "by the skin of his _______."
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"In a _______," that's what happened.
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Insincere or manipulative displays of emotion are called "_______ tears."
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I "pounded the _______."
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He "kicked the _______."
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"Stick to your _______."
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Actors are often told to "break a _______."
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He got an answer "straight from the _______'s mouth."
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Someone important is a "big______."
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He "left no _______ unturned" in the investigation.
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I'll just have to "turn over a new _______."
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"Get it _______," man!
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"Shape up, or _______ out!"
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She had a rough week, so let's "cut her some _______."
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"Let the _______ fall where they may."
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Something rare only happens "once in a _______ moon."
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It's too late at night for me; I'm going to "hit the _______."
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Someone who's having a tough time needs to "hang in _______."
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Someone who makes quick, possibly underinformed decisions is said to "_______ from the hip."
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I'm so tired that I'm "running on _______."
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Hmph! "I _______ care less."
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They're just "tickled _______."
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The morning after prom, the store was operating with a "_______ crew."
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Someone who hasn't chosen a side is "on the _______."
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Something easy is a "piece of _______."
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I'll believe it "when pigs _______."
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"Don't judge a book by its _______."
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Someone who failed to seize an opportunity has "missed the _______."
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I don't care either way, since I "don't have a horse in this _______."
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He's "preaching to the _______."
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"Don't _______ the beans" about the surprise party.
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He's infamous for "sowing his wild _______."
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A "red _______" is some kind of distraction.
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