Quiz: We'll Give You the Brand, You Tell Us the Slogan!
We'll Give You the Brand, You Tell Us the Slogan!
By: Valerie
Image: TV TOY MEMORIES via YouTube

About This Quiz

It's G-r-reat! That's what most people say when asked about this quiz, but only a pro could nail down all the slogans in this quiz! Can you?

When it comes to company slogans, they're almost as important than the actual product! Would you remember the breakfast cereal if they chanted "It's okay?" Probably not! Companies are forced to come up with slogans that'll beat out their competitors, and that's what has hopefully made you remember all the slogans in this quiz!

In a battle between brands, a catchy slogan is what could make the difference between being the best-seller versus coming in second place. When deciding on batteries, would you go with the one that's "trusted everywhere" or would you want the one that "keeps going and going?" Regardless of which you choose, chances are you picked them because you could remember them and that all starts with their slogan!

Some commercials had you wanting to eat the "breakfast of champions" every morning while a milk mustache had you asking one question repeatedly. If you were in the mood for fast food, you probably debated if you were "lovin' it" or if you wanted to "have it your way." All athletic brands were paling in comparison to the one telling you to "just do it."

Having a catchy slogan is a huge marketing tactic, and it's clear that it works to the immense benefit of some. From McDonald's to Apple to State Farm, how many of these slogans can you match to its company? Are you ready to prove your worth?

Just do it!

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