Quiz: 91% of People Can't Figure Out if These Vehicles Are Ford or Dodge. Can You?
91% of People Can't Figure Out if These Vehicles Are Ford or Dodge. Can You?
By: Craig
Image: Youtube via Car and Driver

About This Quiz

Ford and Dodge have ruled the roost among American car buffs for generations. If you're a fan of one brand or the other, you probably will not have any trouble identifying the cars from your favorite line. But can you pick out offerings from both companies? In this quiz, we'll see if you can tell a Ford from Dodge, so put down that copy of Motor Trend and get started!

Ford, of course, is where it all began. Henry Ford built his assembly line, the Model T made it possible for regular folks to own cars, and the driving age began.  Faster than a Mustang can run, car guys were wrist-deep in engine oil and tinkering with project cars on weekends.

Dodge goes back almost as far as Ford, and in recent decades has been one of the most innovative companies in the market. The Grand Caravan, for example, was the first minivan to have seats that fold down into the vehicle floor, making its conversion from passenger vehicle to suburban moving van simple.  And, of course, cars like the Challenger give your rubber-burning soul some real satisfaction.

So, gearheads, pick up the keys to this quiz and put your pedal to your mental metal and prove you can tell two iconic American car makers apart!

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