Name All 50 of These Disney Villains From One Image in 7 Minutes

By: Emily Hough

If you think Hades is trying to sell you something, you may be right. His personality is the creation of James Woods. He went in to his audition for Hades and portrayed him as a used car salesmen, selling not only his voice, but his ideas for Hade's personality.

Shenzi, voiced by Whoopie Goldberg, was the leader of the three hyenas in "The Lion King." Her part was supposed to have been played by Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong (with Cheech playing the other hyena), but he wasn't able to take the part.

In early versions of the film, Gaston was supposed to have been killed by wolves after falling from the Beast's' castle. That was removed, but you can see skulls in his eyes during the close up of his fall, which signify his death.

Most people do not want to be known as terrible. But for Pat Carroll, playing the evil sea witch was one of her favorite parts. She loved it so much, that she voiced the character multiple times, including the TV show and video game.

All he ever wanted was to be a villain. After failing to achieve hero status, Buddy Pine dubs himself a super villain.

Eleanor Audley not only played Maleficent, she also played Cinderella's evil stepmother. I guess you could say villainy runs in the -- voice.

Disney's version of "Big Bad Wolf" was created in 1933. He is a rarely seen character. Recently, however, he appears on the Disney Junior cartoon, "Goldie and Bear."

Jafar sports the usual colors of a villain. All Disney villains wear black, purple, red, or a combination of those colors, to represent the darkness.

Betty Lou Gerson voiced Cruella de Vil. While her fashion sense is iconic, you don't see many fur coats made from Dalmatian hair.

Mister Smee is the only pirate to escape alive in the battles with Pan and his crew. It is said that he wanders around selling Neverland items, making a name for himself as the pirate that even Captain Hook feared.

In true villain fashion, when playing Maleficent, Angelina Jolie's costume was so scary that none of the actors hired to play young princess Aurora would stand by her. So Jolie's daughter played the part. Maleficent's dress in the original fils was supposed to make her look like the most evil of villains.

The original creator, JM Barrie, refused to reveal the actual name of the antagonist in "Peter Pan," and Walt Disney refused to kill him off in his adaptations, as most versions do. Turns out, this villain loved too much to kill.

Pain and his sidekick, Panic, were Hades' terrible minions, and by terrible I mean they seem to never do anything right. They are shape-shifters, able to turn themselves into any other creature.

King John has been portrayed with numerous personalities. Disney made him a sort of cowardly lion, while other versions show him as a more aggressive man who rules harshly. No matter how he's portrayed, everyone agrees King John was one of the most disliked, terrible kings in history.

Not all villains are completely evil. Sid makes a comeback appearance as a garbage truck driver in "Toy Story 3." Perhaps he was simply an imaginative kid who liked to mix things up a bit.

If you are like me, when watching "The Lion King" you were thinking: "Gosh, how are Mufasa and Scar related? Mufasa is so beautiful and Scar is well.....ugly." They are not even the same shade in color. Originally, they were not related, but were later given a relationship.

In "The Jungle Book" book, Kaa is actually Mougli's ally. Not so in the movie. Guess Disney thought that snakes were too closely tied to evil.

In a groundbreaking move, Disney created "Snow White" as a full length animated film, the first of its kind. The Evil Queen was the very first to speak, paving the way for many more animated dialogues.

In another evil dynamic duo, Flotsam and Jetsam were both voiced by the same actor, Paddi Edwards. This was convenient, since they often spoke at the same time and finished each other's sentences.

Cinderella's stepmother is also called Lady Tremaine. Her realistic feature and demeanor make her even more scary than any magical villain.

Diablo was never actually named in the film. He was Maleficent's raven bird sidekick.

"Off with their heads!" exclaims the infamous Queen of Hearts. In her childlike manner, she is a ruler displaying toddler temper tantrums. Don't make her mad.

"The Black Cauldron" was unable to reach the high standards for which Disney had hoped. The movie was based on a book series, but the film deviated a bit from the written version. In the book, The Cauldron Born were not created by the Horn King. They were created by another character, and didn't appear until the second book.

Brer Fox doesn't quite exhibit the cunningness usually associated with foxes. In fact, he is often outsmarted by his nemesis, a rabbit.

Unlike most of the Disney villains who died, Mother Grothel died of old age.

Narrissa would be the stereotypical mother-in-law that nobody likes. She is a conglomeration of multiple evil queens, combined with a jealous nature and the characteristics of an overprotective mother.

The Horned King in "The Black Cauldron" used a scare tactic that would scare even an adult. He was mostly silent, so you never knew what he was thinking. His cold voice makes you feel as though he doesn't have a heart -- which he probably doesn't.

Yzma may be on the villain list, but she is too lovable to call evil. One would almost feel sorry for her in all her missteps. It seems every piece of her plan goes awry and, let's face it, Emperor Kuzco isn't exactly the kindest person to her.

Monstro swallows Pinnocchio as well as ships. This serves him well in the Disney Heroes vs. Villains War.

Pete was created in 1925 and now serves as a staple character in the Mickey Mouse world. He's a character on "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" and his behavior is more mischievous than villainous.

A cute little candy ball from "Wreck-it Ralph," Sour Bill serves King Candy. However, he is not always happy about his job, and some people even claim he may be depressed.

Even though Oogie Boogie was not in Burton's original writing of "The Nightmare Before Christmas," he was later added after Burton sketched out a drawing of a potato sack guy filled with creepies. I know you're going to check your potatoes now before eating them.

Disney likes to make use of readily available resources. On more than one occasion, he used staff members who were already on the payroll to fill in roles. In the case of Amos Slade, co-director Art Stevens was the model for this character.

One might see Madam Mim as comic relief. She is cool because she can turn into a dragon. Who doesn't want to be a dragon?

Si and Am make up two halves of a whole. The couple is a pair of SiAm-ese twin cats in "Lady and the Tramp." With double the trouble, these cats are manipulative and I wouldn't want to cross them.

Aunt Sarah is not your usual fun-loving aunt. She is the villain in "Lady and the Tramp," and is not a relative to who you want to admit being attached.

This evil witch doctor plans to rule New Orleans, but his plans are thwarted by Princess Tiana, who really wasn't a princess to begin with, but a waitress.

King Candy seems to be a modern-day version of the King of England during the time the U.S. was trying to gain its independence from Britain. He forcefully gains power and rules over Sugar Rush.

In true tiger fashion, Shere Khan stalks his target, Mowgli. He is one of the most feared Disney villains for his cleverness and calmness. And because you hardly see him in the animated film, it's almost as if he is stalking you, but you never know when he will jump out!

Edgar Balthazar of "The Aristocats" had a change in morals when he finds out that Madame Adelaide de Bonne Famille would be leaving her fortune to the Dutchess. He plots to get rid of the Dutchess and her cats, hoping he will inherit the fortune.

Speaking of money, the Beagle Boys are constantly trying to obtain Scrooge McDuck's fortune in the Donald Duck world. They first appeared in the Disney Universe in 1951.

Despite her name, Madam Medusa has no snakes in her hair. Her love for diamonds drives her to madness.

Lots-o-Huggin' Bear needed more hugs. He was cast away by his owner and felt betrayed. He retaliated by becoming villainous, though his motive seems to be understandable.

OK, so he may be villainous, but he is reflective of professor Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes. He adds to his coolness by being a rat that owns a cat, turning the tables on everything we know about animal instincts.

Governor John Ratcliffe was a real-life boat captain on the Discovery ship. Perhaps he was portrayed as hating the Powhatan tribe of Pocahontas because, in real-life, he saw them as barbarians. Recorded eyewitness accounts of the real John Ratcliffe say that he was burned at the stake after his skin was scraped off with mussel shells by the people of the Powhatan tribe in 1609.

Claude Frollo may have been a religious man, but his villainy would make any man question his faith. He seems to be one of Disney's darkest villains, and possibly one of the most realistic. He uses his power for evil, but seems to explain it away with talk of God. He is a reminder that you shouldn't base your opinion of a group of people on only one of its representatives.

Poor Sir Hiss. He is constantly being stuffed into a basket, or being knocked on his head. Prince (King) John's sidekick is always finding himself in undesirable situations. But he so badly wants to please his master by finding and capturing Robin Hood.

Chernabog is what you might call a rising star, at least for a fictional character. He started as nothing more than a demon gargoyle in a segment of "Fantasia," but has more recently been portrayed on "House of Mouse" and "Once Upon a Time." Rumor has it he may be getting his very own gig.

It is hard to tell who is the more clever of the two, Jafar or Iago. This villain has one of the most recognizable voices playing his part, Gilbert Gottfried.

Shan Yu from "Mulan" is a human mortal but emulates an immortal being with his glowing eyes and large physique.

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They can be mythical or mortal, and they all have different motives. They're there to challenge and test the strength and perseverance of the heroes that stand up against them.

Disney villains always wanted things to go their way and challenged the heroes of the movies we know and love today. The villains added a level of uncertainty to the story. Without their evilness, Disney movies would have been totally different.

Do you know which villain loves to wear fur? How about the villain with blue hair? Maybe you can name the villain who is a child? If you have seen many Disney movies or even have knowledge of them, you'll have no trouble with this quiz.

Some Disney movies even had multiple villains! Do you know the villains who challenged Lady in "Lady and the Tramp"? What about the lion and pack of hyenas from "The Lion King"? Some of our Disney characters had to deal with a ton of people, animals and things that stood in their way.

Even though most Disney villains weren't very nice, some of them turned out to be almost as lovable as the heroes themselves. Disney fans, let's see if this is a challenge for you. If you think you're an expert on the Disney villains, let's see if you can name them from a screenshot!

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