91% of people can't name these rom-coms from just one screenshot. Can you?

By: Narra Jackson

For the movie Knocked Up, Anne Hathaway was originally cast as Alison, but she dropped out because she didn’t like the idea of live birth footage. The film is based on the experiences of Judd Apatow and his wife, Leslie Mann, during the birth of their first daughter.

Amanda Bynes plays Viola in She's the Man. Producers wanted Jesse McCartney to play Viola’s brother, Sebastian, because of how similar the pair looked in She's the Man. Amanda Bynes and director Andy Fickman visited malls to observe guy behavior to help Amanda get into character.

Betty White almost turned down her role in the film The Proposal, because filming would require her to spend ten weeks away from her golden retriever. The puppy named Kevin is played by four American Eskimo puppies, named Flurry, Sitka, Nanu, and Winter.

You've Got Mail is a remake of the 1940 film, The Shop Around the Corner, starring James Stewart and Margaret Sullivan. The original film involved two employees at a perfumery. They couldn't stand each other, but they were unknowingly falling in love through the mail as anonymous pen pals.

In How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, there was an estimated $14,200,000 worth of jewels lent to the production of the film. Kate Hudson was the master at improvising while she was on set. The scene where Andie crashes Ben's "boy's night" was completely improvised.

For The Ugly Truth, Gerard Butler, in an effort to thoroughly understand the "man's man" in American society, went behind the scenes of Adam Carolla's namesake podcast to observe him. The movie was shipped to theaters under the code name, Helpful Advice.

Julia Roberts turned down the lead role in Sleepless in Seattle. In a 2014 interview with InStyle, she shared that she had been offered Sleepless in Seattle but she couldn't do it, adding that, Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks were a perfect fit in the movie.

In Notting Hill, Anna Scott was not based on Julia Roberts. It was said that Anna Scott was a hybrid of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. Still, as far as Curtis, Hugh Grant, and director Roger Michell were concerned, Julia Roberts was perfect for the part.

In Friends with Benefits, when Mila Kunis changes in the taxi, the filmmakers felt the driver didn't sound like an authentic New York taxi driver. So they used the voice of Mila's father, Marko Kunis. Marko worked as a taxi driver when he first arrived in the United States and still has a Ukrainian accent.

In Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts’ head was superimposed on the body of famous body double Shelley Michelle for the poster. Originally, Vivian was going to be addicted to drugs, but instead they opted for a more light-hearted film. Richard Gere's hair on the cover is brown, but it's actually grey in the film.

Some words of advice from the film, He's Just Not That Into You, are, "He's just not that into you if he's not asking you out," "He's just not that into you if he's not calling you," and "He's just not that into you if he's not dating you."

When in Rome is a 2010 American romantic comedy, directed by Mark Steven Johnson and co-written by Johnson, David Diamond, and David Weissman. Kristen Bell stars as Elizabeth "Beth" Martin, a successful and single curator at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City.

While Jason Segel provides all his nudity without a body double in the movie, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the topless picture of Mila Kunis is the result of some digital adjusting. Mila Kunis wanted the lead in Knocked Up, but she didn't get it. Then Judd Apatow decided to cast her in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

In When Harry Met Sally, Harry and Sally were modeled after Nora Ephron, the screenwriter, and director Rob Reiner. The only part that isn't accurate is the falling-in-love part - in real life, they didn't. Reiner interviewed elderly couples about how they fell in love in preparation for the movie. He hired actors to retell their stories on the big screen.

In 10 Things I Hate About You, the scene where Kat reads the "10 Things" poem was the first and only take. Kat's tears towards the end of the poem were not planned. Heath Ledger improvised the moment when Patrick starts playing with the fire.

For 27 Dresses, the wardrobe department said their initial designs for the dresses all looked too good on Katherine Heigl. They had trouble designing bridesmaid dresses that would look bad on her! While Jane and Kevin are in the bar, you can hear a Josh Kelley song in the background. In real life, Josh Kelley is married to Katherine Heigl.

The “boob graze” line, in the movie The Holiday, happened because Jack Black accidentally boob grazed director Nancy Meyers and then apologized. She found it so funny that she wrote their interaction into the script the next day. Meyers wrote Black’s part for him after she fell in love with his performance in School Of Rock.

In Hitch, Will Smith originally suggested Kevin James for the role of Albert. Smith was a fan of The King of Queens (1998). Kevin James made up all of the dance moves for the scene when Albert is dancing in Hitch's apartment. This was the film debut for Paula Patton.

In (500) Days of Summer, one of the film's writers estimates that 75% of the film actually happened to him. In the original screenplay, Summer was depicted as having cropped blonde hair to create a more summer-like persona.

Just Go with It is the first collaboration between Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, even though the two have known each other for 20 years.They met through mutual friends. Jennifer used to watch him perform at the Improv and she attended his wedding in 2003.

In The 40-Year-Old Virgin, because the chest-waxing scene had to be done in one shot, five cameras were used so they missed nothing. Carell's screams were genuine and you can also see several cast members breaking character and laughing. It was Paul Rudd's idea for Carell to scream "KELLY CLARKSON!" during the waxing.

In She's Out of My League, Molly's parents are played by Alice Eve's real-life parents, Trevor Eve and Sharon Maughan. Jay Baruchel said that he was not willing to do nudity, so the scenes where he is "manscaping," a body double was used.

In Definitely, Maybe, Rachel Weisz was originally set to play the part of Emily. Many of the bar scenes were filmed in the upper-west-side bar, Jake's Dilemma, at 81st and Amsterdam. The film cast includes two Oscar winners, Kevin Kline and Rachel Weisz, and one Oscar nominee, Abigail Breslin.

Before filming the scene with the car buried in the snow, in the movie Just Married, Brittany Murphy and Ashton Kutcher had an argument. This helped them get through the scene without laughing. Brittany didn't speak French and had to memorize her French lines phonetically.

Regarding Leap Year, actor Matthew Goode went on record, saying that the film was one of 2010's worst. He admitted that he took the role because it allowed him to fly home back to London on weekends. The lake where the wedding scene takes place is where a large part of the television series Vikings is filmed, in County Wicklow.

In No Reservations, Catherine Zeta-Jones worked for an evening as a server at Fiamma Osteria in New York to prepare for her role. When customers commented that she looked like Catherine Zeta-Jones, she said, "I hear that all the time." This film is based on the German film, Mostly Martha.

Peter Segal directed both Tommy Boy and 50 First Dates. Dan Aykroyd has minor roles in both films. In Tommy Boy, he plays Ray Zalinsky, another auto parts tycoon who comes close to buying out Tommy’s company.

During the premiere for Music and Lyrics in Amsterdam, a woman pretended to interview Hugh Grant, but ended up handcuffing herself to him and walking the red carpet with him. Martin Fry, lead singer of the 1980s pop band ABC, coached Hugh Grant in singing and dancing.

In The Five-Year Engagement, almost all of the restaurant scenes were shot inside the MGM Grand Detroit. In order to fine-tune her character Suzie's British accent, Alison Brie listened to recordings of readings that were done by her British co-star, Emily Blunt.

In No Strings Attached, Natalie Portman originally worked as a producer. She performed the duties of executive producer after being cast as Emma. The film is a product of Portman's production company, Handsomecharlie Films. The movie was shipped to theaters under the code name, Dos.

Vince Vaughn's parents have small roles in The Break-Up. His mother plays a tourist and his father plays Jennifer Aniston's father. Vince gained 26 pounds for the role. He was reported to have gained weight because he had recently stopped smoking.

In Crazy, Stupid, Love., Robbie's class is studying The Scarlet Letter. This novel is the basis for Emma Stone's previous movie, Easy A. They gave away a free iPad on set to whoever could come up with a title for the film. This is the feature film debut for Josh Groban.

The painting given to Jeremy by Todd in Wedding Crashers was kept by Vince Vaughn after filming. Owen Wilson came up with the line, "I think we only use 10% of our hearts." At the Italian wedding, the guy sitting next to Owen Wilson, who laughs at the "Jabroni" joke, is Wilson's uncle.

In What's Your Number?, Aziz Ansari makes a voice cameo at the end of the movie on Anna's voice mail. The fantasy wedding scene was filmed in Post Office Square in Downtown Boston. There are two number fours in the movie poster - one in the middle and one on the left.

Olivia Olson, who plays Joanna, is such an incredible singer that the director had to edit her voice to make it sound more childlike in the movie, Love Actually. The actor who played Colin Frissell wasn't paid for the scene where he gets seduced by three American girls.

In The Switch, Diane Sawyer was apparently perfectly happy for her image to be used in Jason Bateman's masturbation scene. Jennifer Aniston wasn't happy about the change in the film's title from the distinctive Baster to the overly generic The Switch.

Pretty in Pink was filmed in the same L.A. high school where Grease was made in 1978. This is Molly Ringwald's favorite among her own films. When Andie is studying with Duckie, the soda can she's holding says Coca-Cola on one side and Pepsi on the other.

In Life As We Know It, triplets were used, and they all star in different scenes. Katherine Heigl drew upon her own life experience to play the mother of a baby girl she didn't birth. In real life, she adopted two children after being raised in a family with an adopted sister.

In About Time, Rory is reading the book Trash, which would be writer and director Richard Curtis's next film. Curtis wrote the screenplay for both Trash and About Time. Zooey Deschanel was originally cast as Mary, but she dropped out due to scheduling conflicts. In South Korea, more than 3 million people watched the movie, which made it a surprise hit there.

In Shallow Hal, the actress that plays Nurse Tanya is the real-life mother of the actor that plays Ralph. This film was filmed almost entirely in Charlotte. Gwyneth Paltrow's make-up took four hours to apply. Ironically, Jack Black had to lose weight for the role of Hal. This was also his first lead role.

Although Annie Hall is considered one of the most influential and inventive romantic comedies of all time, director and co-writer Allen’s original mission was not to make a relationship picture. Early drafts of the film contained a ton of fantasy elements.

In The Girl Next Door, the drawing of Danielle that she gives Matthew in the café was drawn by Elisha Cuthbert. Cuthbert filmed this movie while she was filming 24 (2001). The box of cigars Kelly receives at the end of the film from Matthew are Romeo y Julieta vintage cigars.

Cameron Crowe based the film Say Anything on a real-life breakup. John Cusack was against starring in another teen movie. Crowe had issues while creating the leading man character, but became inspired when he met his neighbor, Lowell Marchant. “He was this friendly guy with a crew cut who just wanted to meet everybody he could,” Crowe said.

For a while in 13 Going on 30, the movie’s directors wanted Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo to play the young versions of themselves. Sean Marquette, who played a young version of Mark Ruffalo’s character, Matt, wore a fat suit for filming. He was also told to be “more awkward” because the director thought he was too cool.

To prepare for the role in Bridget Jones's Diary, Renée Zellweger gained 25 pounds and then actually worked at a British publishing company for a month. She smoked herbal cigarettes rather than tobacco. Sally Phillips auditioned for the title character, but was turned down.

Amy Heckerling, writer and director of Clueless, found her inspiration for Cher's journey of love from Austen's classic 1815 novel, Emma. Although he played Cher's stepbrother Josh, Paul Rudd initially wanted to be Christian. He was intrigued by Hollywood portraying a "cool gay kid" character.

In Meet the Parents, the MPAA would not allow the name Focker unless the filmmakers could find an actual person with that surname. Robert De Niro wanted Mr. Jinx to appear in more scenes than he was supposed to, because he liked the cat so much. De Niro would play with the cat between filming scenes.

In Made of Honor, Patrick Dempsey learned how to juggle plates while working as a street performer. To give Patrick a youthful look for his scenes as a college student, CGI was used. Patrick Dempsey, in an interview, mentioned shooting a nude locker-room scene, which was cut to preserve the PG-13 rating.

It Could Happen to You was released in the UK in the same week that the National Lottery was launched. Madonna and Marisa Tomei turned down the role of Yvonne Biasi. The title was originally going to be Cop Gives Waitress Two Million Dollar Tip.

In Amélie, the main colors in the film are inspired by the paintings of a Brazilian artist, Juarez Machado. 1974 was when Jean-Pierre Jeunet began collecting memories and events which would make up the story of Amélie. Audrey Tautou can't skip stones; the stone-skipping scenes were made with special effects.

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