Quiz: Do You Know Your Musicals? Test Your Knowledge With This Quiz!
Do You Know Your Musicals? Test Your Knowledge With This Quiz!
By: Ashley & Eli

About This Quiz

The swell of the orchestra when the hero wins the day. The toe-tapping song stuck in your brain days after the performance ... and you just want to hear more of it. If that describes your experience watching musicals, then you'll love this trivia quiz. You're bound to get a lot of them correct. Why wait? Start now by clicking below!

From "West Side Story" to "Les Miserables" the theatre has brought to life, and to music, the trials and tribulation of the times. And nothing is off limits to sing about -- whether it's a man-eating plant, a sweet transvestite from Transylvania or aids. Plus, many stories are so enchanting that they've captured huge audiences when adapted for the big screen. For instance, "Into The Woods" and "Hair Spray" won the hearts of so many in the movie theatre. And classics like "Fiddler on the Roof" and "Grease" are performed time and again, in high school plays and community theatre. There is no escaping it. And why would you? Musical theatre abounds, and we couldn't be happier. Start singing those songs to yourself, tap your toe, and make plans to pick up tickets to the next musical in town. This quiz will get you in the perfect mood to do so, so let's get started.

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