Quiz: Can You Figure Out All the Items in this Ultimate U.S. Quiz?
Can You Figure Out All the Items in this Ultimate U.S. Quiz?
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Whether you are a natural born citizen or come from another country to make America great, you can show your pride in America by identifying all the items in this ultimate U.S. quiz. Travel the country and you will see so many tributes to our history and the men and women who lost their lives protecting our freedom. From Mount Rushmore to the Washington Monument and the World War II Memorial, our land is abundant with symbols of our will and determination. In fact, every state has its own symbol of pride that is flown at its capital and government buildings. Are you one in 10 who will be able to identify these items seen in the land of the free? Find out now by taking the quiz.

The vision of our founding fathers helped transform 13 colonies into one of the most powerful nations. You’ll be quizzed on some of those great leaders of yesteryear as well as recent leaders. You will also be quizzed about your geography knowledge and as to whether you recognize the outlines of some of our noble 50 states. Up for challenge? Then you’re a true American! Take the quiz by clicking the button below.

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