Quiz: 90% of People Can't Name These Terrifying Horror Movies. Can You?
90% of People Can't Name These Terrifying Horror Movies. Can You?
By: Kayla McGovern
Image: The Movie DB

About This Quiz

Remember which movie made you jump when a creepy girl named Samara crawled straight out of the TV screen? Know what movie featured a head-spinning girl named Regan, or a pair of terrifying twins? And what was the name of that movie with the epic shower scene? If you know the answers to all of these questions, see if you have what it takes to ace this horror movie quiz!

When you're watching a scary film, the tension tends to build over time - leaving you hanging on the edge of your seat as you wait for the hero to finally run into that killer clown or evil alien. Those scenes not only send us hiding under the covers, they also tend to burn themselves into our brains, thanks to unforgettable imagery - and the pure sense of terror they invoke.

What's really exciting about horror movies, however, is that they are so much more than pure entertainment. A 2012 study by the University of Westminster in the U.K. found that people who actively watch scary films -- jumping out of their seats, screaming at the big scares - burn about the same amount of calories that they would by talking a 30- to 40-minute walk. A separate 2003 study published in the journal "Stress" noted that watching a creepy flick promotes white blood cell activity, which can temporarily boost your immune system and even lift your mood once the credits have finished rolling.

And now it's time to check under the bed, turn on all the lights and see how you fare on this horror films quiz!

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