Quiz: 92% of people can't identify all these snack foods from a photo. Can you?
92% of people can't identify all these snack foods from a photo. Can you?
By: J. Scott Wilson
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

There is one household tradition that all families share during celebrations and parties - kids are going to sneak up to the table and steal away as many snacks as they can. You can't hide from tradition, and with a smirk on your face, you know you did it, too. But, what was your favorite? Did you prefer salty snacks like potato chips? Or, were you more of a sweets person, delving headfirst into a bowl with anything as long as it was covered in chocolate? While most people have fond memories of their childhood snacking habits, do you still love those same snacks? From childhood to adulthood, the palate often changes, but how much has yours?

This quiz shows you some of the most beloved snack foods over the last few decades. They are used to celebrate everything from birthdays and the holidays to festivals and of course sporting events! Sounds simple, right? You might even be eating some of these snacks while you take this quiz, but like everything, life isn't always as simple as it looks. For example, you may like sweets, so would you be able to tell the difference between a Lay's potato chip and a Pringles chip, without the packaging? Are you looking at a bowl of Chex Mix or a bowl of mixed nuts?

When it comes to snacks, they may taste great on the way down, but you need to know what they look like before you take that first bite. Take this quiz to see if you can crunch through your snacks!

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