92% of People Can't Identify These Popular Christian Singers. Can You?
by Jacqueline Samaroo

Music is a powerful tool that we often use to express our thoughts, feelings, and desires, as well as our perspectives on various issues. There are several music genres, many of which are favored by some more than others: this includes Christian music, which is the preferred choice of the religious Christian community who use it as a means of expressing their faith and love for Christ.

Although Christian music has existed for decades, Christian singers have smoothly adjusted to the changing times and adaptations of music. They have kept true to the gospel and continue to showcase their talents to the world while blending the traditional beat of rock, pop, and folk music: this has created new genres such as Contemporary Christian music, which is enjoyed by loyal fans as well as the non-denominational.

Kirk Franklin is a contemporary gospel singer that has won multiple Grammy Awards, including Best Gospel Album in 2017 for the album “Losing My Religion” and “Best Gospel Performance/Song” in 2017 for “God Provides.” Kirk Franklin wrote the latter but sang by Tamela Mann, another popular artist known for her lead single “Take me to the King” that remained No. 1 on the Billboard Gospel Song Charts for 62 weeks.

Kirk Franklin and Tamela Mann are two of the Christian singers that use their musical talents to not only spread God’s word to the people but also to inspire and motivate others to do God’s will. Can you name other singers who do those things as well? Or will your Christian music career be a flop?

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