Quiz: 92% of People Can't Identify These Statues from the United Kingdom from a Picture. Can You?
92% of People Can't Identify These Statues from the United Kingdom from a Picture. Can You?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

The statues in the United Kingdom don't speak (at least the non-magical, non-Harry Potter ones don't) but they do say quite a bit. Statues tell stories of what happened in the past and often represent the present. The ones that we've put together say a lot about what has happened in the United Kingdom, whether it be political, religious, athletic or otherwise. Do you know enough about this group of countries to name our (rather, their) statues? Let's find out!

Statues are popular in just about every country, big or small. They're a way to show homage to people or to show respect to a particular event; some are even erected purely for fun. No matter the reason, the United Kingdom is filled with them. Most of them tend to show royalty at their best; they include countless sculptures of queens, kings and princes of times past (and a few current as well). Besides their royals, the U.K. also has its fair share of horse and dog effigies. But can you recognize them all? 

So if you're intrigued, and we can tell that you are, why don't you get started on this United Kingdom statues quiz! Good luck and God save the Queen!

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