Quiz: 92% of People Can't Identify These Trucks Without the Logo. Can You?
92% of People Can't Identify These Trucks Without the Logo. Can You?
By: Craig
Image: Wiki commons

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Who doesn't love a good truck? They are dependable, fun, and of course, can do a heck of a lot. Do you work on a farm, like to haul stuff around town, or just like to look big and tough while driving down the road? From trucks that can handle swampy waters to large truck beds and extended cabs, these are the trucks you've always wanted to own and drive. But, do you think you could identify them without their logo? From the well-known Chevy, Ford, and Dodge to the lesser known foreign trucks such as the Russian Vaz or Fiat's line of trucks. Yep, you read that correctly, the small Italian manufacturer of the Sportster also makes a line of pickup trucks. 

The Chevy Corvair Pickup was supposed to be a hot new item in 1961, but by '64 only about 850 had sold. It was a big bust, but also one of the most unique pickups to have ever hit the road. Do you think you could identify it? Just think: a quarter bus and the rest all pickup. From Ford to Lincoln and Tata to Daihatsu these are some of the most interesting and best trucks that hit the road. Now, it's your turn to figure out what they are, without their logo!

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