92% of People Can't Name All of These Iconic Cars of the '60s. Can You?
by Craig Taylor
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So what do you remember about cars from the 1960s? Maybe you lived through those heady days of motoring where cars were far more simple than they are now. Just start the engine and be on your way. No buttons to press, settings to decide upon. Just you and your machinery.

Perhaps you didn't experience driving in that period but love those classic cars none the less. And there were so many. Many of the world's most famous sports cars come out of that era. Think of an American motoring icon that entered the Le Mans 24-hour race determined to beat Italy's most famous sports car brand. Oh, and how they did - for FOUR years in a row from 1966 to 1969

And what about those small cars everyone loves - with two models in particular, one from the United Kingdom and one from Italy proving so popular that they have been re-released in the 2000s, although a little larger than the originals.

This quiz will put your knowledge of '60s motoring to the ultimate test. In fact, 92% of those who undertake this quiz do not even come close to getting 100%. 

But with your knowledge, you could be one of that 8% that ace this! Let's see how you do. 

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