Quiz: Can You Identify the World Capital When Only Shown One Photo of It? Most Fail!
Can You Identify the World Capital When Only Shown One Photo of It? Most Fail!
By: SW
Image: Wiki commons

About This Quiz

1Do you have a passion for geography? Or maybe you love visiting the most decorated capitals in the world? Either way, this quiz is perfectly suited to your tastes. Best of all, once finished with the quiz, you'll add to your capital knowledge with some interesting historical and cultural facts. You might even want to pack your bags and head off to visit some of these places! Prepare to get more worldly than ever. Start now with the first question on the quiz!

Whether it's the City of Lights or the world capital where you'll find the Taj Mahal, be sure to look at each image closely. Can you picture yourself there? Strolling through the historic streets and sampling the local cuisine? Check out the landmarks, clothes, or even how crowded the streets are, to provide a clue as to the name of the famous capital.

Which cities immediately come to mind when you think about world capitals? Rome? Paris? Dubai? No need to take out those geography books, or Google the answer; just score higher than 92% of the general public with your own knowledge, and you can crown yourself King of the Capitals. Take the quiz right now... the world is waiting for you.

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