92% of Women Can't Identify All of These Chick Flicks From a Screenshot. Can You?
by Kennita Leon
20th Century Fox

You know those movies we gals put on when we're sad, depressed, feeling a bit hopeless and want something to cheer us up or help us cry even more? Well, they're called chick flicks and because you're here, we know that you've seen quite a few of them. But have you watched enough to pass our chick flick identification quiz? Or were you too happy for the heroine to notice a clip of a scene if we were to show you one right now? Let's find out!

Can you tell us the name of the movie where a woman has more than 20 bridesmaids dresses in her closet? Can you tell us the name of the movie where a woman does everything in her power to get rid of a guy? Do you know the name of the movie where a reporter goes undercover at a high school to get a good story? If you can't answer these questions, then you may not be able to ace our quiz. 

So, if you think you've got what it takes to become part of the 8 percent who know all these movies just by seeing a picture, take our quiz! Will you be labeled a chick flick connoisseur by the end? Or will you be sent to the man cave to go watch some action movies? Let's find out! 

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