93% of fans can't identify these Game of Thrones characters! Can you?

By: Kennita Leon

Ned was beheaded on Joffrey's orders, for revealing that Joffrey was the son of Cersei and Jaime and not of Cersei and Robert Baratheon. Joffrey initially promised Sansa that he would not kill her father, but went back on his word; it was his first act as king.

How could anyone forget the epic Red Wedding? Well after Roose betrays the Starks, he orders Black Walder to slit Catelyn's neck. This was after she watched her son being shot repeatedly, then stabbed in the chest and seeing her pregnant daughter-in-law stabbed in the back.

Jon's reputation at Castle Black wasn't the best when they found out that he became an ally of the Wildlings. The men of the Night's Watch turned on him and they all took turns stabbing Jon. And although it wasn't just Olly, his actions hurt us and Jon the most.

It was a combination of things which led to this cockroach's death: Bran's ability to see the past, Sansa being smart enough to not trust Littlefinger and Arya's badass-ness when she slit his throat right there in Winterfell's Great Room.

Khal Drogo was wounded after getting into a fight with Mago. Although his wounds were treated by Mirri Maz Duur, they became infected and he slipped into a coma. Daenarys could not bear to see her strong husband in this state, so she smothered him with a pillow until he stopped breathing.

The former Commander of the Knightsguard became one of Daenaerys' advisors, but was killed in the battle of Mereen by the Sons of the Harpy- a secret group of insurgents who fight Daenaerys' rule and claim to the throne.

Loras Tyrell, along with many others, was a victim of Cersei's orchestrated Wildfire blast of the Great Sept of Baelor. Loras died before he realized what was happening, being consumed by the green flames of the Wildfire beneath the Sept.

Let the dragons take credit for something! Although Daenarys yells one of our favorite words "Dracarys!", it is Drogon who burns both Randyll and Dickon Tarly into ashes. That's what you get for not bending the knee boys.

Remember when Arya's direwolf, Nymeria, bit Joffrey's hand? Well Arya scared Nymeria away but Joffrey was out for blood. He took the next best thing, Sansa's wolf. Although the executioner was meant to do the deed, Ned thought the direwolf deserved better, and did the deed himself.

This insane woman not only killed her husband for Little Finger, but got jealous of her own niece for hanging around him too much. Little Finger used her to accomplish his tasks, then admitted to her that in his entire life, he only loved one woman: Catelyn Stark, Lysa's sister. Little Finger proceeded to "This is Sparta!" her (minus the kick) and she plummeted hundreds of feet to her death.

It's never safe to assume things in "Game of Thrones," but we all saw when Benjen gave up his horse to save Jon. He then stayed back with all on his own to give Jon some time to get away. He was overtaken by the Wights.

While Sansa was the one who made this long-time-coming death happen, we'd like to give the credit to Ramsay's dogs for making it so epic. You see, Ramsay liked to starve his dogs so that they'd be ravenous when he had people he wanted them to eat. Guess the joke was on him.

Well Viserys had this coming! He threatened to kill the Khal's and his sister's unborn child because he wanted the crown Khal Drogo had promised him, much sooner than later. Well he did get the crown, in the form of molten gold being poured over his head.

Although Robert's death looked like an accident, it was actually planned by his wife at the time, Cersei Lannister, who wanted him dead because the truth of her infidelity and incestuous relationship were about to come to light. Cersei made Lancel to continuously serve Robert wine, so he would be too drunk to handle the wild boar.

Can you imagine your own brother wanting the throne so badly that he kills you for it? Well Renly may not have known, but that was his fate. When Stannis impregnates Meliandre, she gives birth to a shadow assassin who, on his father's orders, stabs Renly through the heart.

Who like being a bastard? No one. Well Ramsay hated it more than anyone and when he found out that his father's new wife gave birth to a boy, he knew his reign as the leader of the Boltons was over. So he turned on a few of his father's men, then stabbed him to death.

Remember when Tyrion was put on trial? Oberyn became his champion and took on The Mountain in a Trial by Combat. Despite the outstanding size difference, Oberyn was on the verge of winning. He decided to take a moment to demand an apology for his sister's death; a moment which allowed the Mountain to regain the upper hand, pop Oberyn's eyes out and squeeze his head so hard that it exploded.

Well, we didn't actually see Arya do it, but we know she did. Remember when the Waif terrorized Arya when her sight was taken? Well, that training helped Arya kick her butt in their pitch-black battle in the dark. Afterward, we see the Waif's face added to the Hall of Faces, while Arya walks away.

In Game of Thrones' most heartbreaking episode, we learn how Hodor got his name. Despite his speech impediment (all Bran's fault), he uses his immense strength to hold the door so that Bran and Meera can escape. The hundreds or Wights eventually break through and tear Hodor apart.

Stannis had this coming. Brienne, who was present when the shadow ninja stabbed Renly in the back, saw Stannis' face in the shadow that was the ninja. So when Stannis wounded his leg while fighting the Boltons, Brienne popped up and asked him whether it was a coincidence. He didn't lie, so he had to die.

This satisfying death came about when Tywin sentences Tyrion to death for a crime he didn't commit, on top of sleeping with Tyrion's woman. Our favorite dwarf had finally had enough from his father so he took Joffrey's crossbow and killed Tywin while he was on the toilet doing number two. Epic! Fun fact: This murder aired on Father's Day.

Wun Wun was the Wildling giant who helped recapture Winterfell during the Battle of the Bastards. To be fair, it wasn't just Ramsay, but he did fire an arrow into Wun Wun's eye; the arrow that ended up killing the last giant of the North.

Leaf was one, if not the last remaining child of the forest. She confessed that it was she and her people who created the White Walkers to save them from being hunted down by men. When the Night King found Bran in the cave of the Three-Eyed Raven, Leaf died trying to help them get away.

If we had to list the reasons why Joffrey deserved to die, we'd be here all day. But Lady Olenna knew them all, which was why, in a bid to save her granddaughter from being married to the monstrosity that was Joffrey, she poisoned his wedding cake.

Jojen was the young boy who, with the help of his sister, Hodor and Osha, guided Bran to fulfill his destiny to become the Three-Eyed Raven. Unfortunately, Jojen was stabbed by a Wight during their journey. His sister, Meera, slit his throat in a mercy killing.

The High Sparrow was one of the many who died in the Wildfire explosion at the Great Sept of Baelor. Cersei made sure he was on her 'to-kill' list when he orchestrated her embarrassing walk of atonement through the streets of King's Landing.

While Theon actually took the blame for killing the Stark boys, they escaped with Hodor and Osha. But during the Battle of the Bastards, Ramsay torments Jon by releasing Rickon, who had to run through a field, while arrows were being shot at him. One eventually strikes him and the youngest Stark boy is dead at the hands of the Bolton bastard.

Being stabbed in the back by family must hurt. Well Prince Trystane felt it both figuratively and literally when he was forced to choose one of his cousins to fight. Having chosen Nymeria because she only had a whip, he was preparing to fight her when Obara stabbed him in the back with her sword.

Talk about going out like a boss. Lady Olenna knew there was no way she was leaving Highgarden alive, so she drank the poison Jaime poured into her drink, then happily confessed that it was she who poisoned his and Cersei's son at his wedding.- to her granddaughter, Margaery.

It seems like it happened forever ago, but do you remember the Battle at Castle Black? By this time Jon's feelings for the fiesty Wildling were complicating his duties to the Night's Watch, Olly, Jon's young squire-if you will- shot Ygritte in the back with an arrow.

Everyone deserves a direwolf. Remember when Bran stayed too long in the vision of his father going to rescue Lyanna? Well, the Night King was able to find Bran's location because of his disobedience. When they entered the raven's cave, Summer stayed behind to give Bran and his friends time to get away and she was killed by the wights.

Ellaria Sand, furious that the Lannisters caused the death of her beloved Oberyn, wanted her revenge. At the time, Cersei's daughter, Myrcella, was in Dorne, being courted by Trystane Martell (her 'nephew'). Worried for her safety, Jaime went to retrieve his daughter. On the way home, Myrcella collapses and dies in Jaime's arms. We then find out that Ellaria's goodbye kiss held the poison that killed Cersei's daughter.

Cersei has hated Magaery ever since she figured out that the Tyrell princess could control her boys. She definitely got her revenge when she blew Margaery to smithereens in the explosion of the Great Sept, despite Margaery having an inkling that something just wasn't right. Too little, too late.

So Roose Bolton has gotten another woman pregnant. This time it's his LEGITIMATE wife who has given birth to a son. A son who will inherit the Bolton kingdom-if you can call it that- and leave Ramsay in the dust. So an angry Ramsay, after stabbing his father, unleashes his hounds upon poor Walda and her newborn son.

Shae and Tyrion hit it off pretty quickly but he had to keep their relationship secret because she worked in a brothel. After Tyrion was forced to marry Sansa, Shae got jealous. She was further maddened when Tyrion tried to send her away to protect her from Cersei. So Shae slept with Tywin and lied on Tyrion. The betrayal led Tyrion to strangle her to death.

Shame on you if you didn't guess Stannis. By this time, he had already killed his brother with the shadow assassin-through the Red Woman. When Melisandre suggests sacrificing his daughter to ensure his win, he complies and burns Shireen at the stake.

Remember when Ellaria killed Cersei's only daughter, Myrcella, by a poison kiss? Well in season 7, Cersei has Euron capture the Sand Snakes and she does the very same thing to Tyene, right in front of Ellaria. Ellaria then has to watch her daughter die in front of her very eyes, while not being able to hold or touch her.

Osha was the Wildling who helped Bran and Rickon survive in the wild. She eventually ends up being captured by Ramsay Bolton who wants to know where the Stark boys are. Osha tries to seduce him but Ramsay stabs her in the neck as she tries to kill him with her knife.

Having believed that Doran Martell was not only a weak man but also a weak King, Ellaria took it upon herself - inviting her daughters, of course- to help her take the Dornish Throne. While her daughters were busy taking care of Doran's most trusted advisors and guards, Ellaria stabbed Doran in the chest.

After Melisandre brings Jon back from the dead, he reassumes his position as the leader of the Men of the Night's Watch. Unfortunately, the traitors who tried to kill him, and succeeded, are still there. With a heavy heart, Jon has to punish them all, including little Olly who participated in his murder.

When Arya is tasked with killing the actress, she refuses. Instead the Waif chases and wounds Arya. Lady Crane, thankful for Arya saving her, nurses her back to health. But a death must be had, so Jaqen sends the Waif to get the job done. She impales Lady Crane onto the legs of a chair.

Remember when Cersei was supposed to be on trial but she refused to go? Well, we learned that it was because she had plans to blow up the Sept of Baelor. Tommen, who saw it happen through his bedroom window, jumped to his death because he could not cope with what his mother did.

During an ambush, Euron boards one of Daenarys' ships, the one the Sand Snakes are on. And although Nymeria put up a valiant fight, Euron was just too strong for her. He used the very whip that she is known to wield to strangle the life out of her.

During the Wight Hunt, Daenarys rushes to Jon and his friends' rescue, where the Wights and Night King are. While tearing through the Night King's forces, he is given an ice spear, which he throws at a distracted Viserion. The dragon crashes into the ice and sinks beneath its surface.

Very few are given the honor of being killed by the Night King himself. While the Three-Eyed Raven was trying to download as much information into Bran's head as possible, the Night King stood in front of him and slashed the Raven while he was still in a vision with Bran, making him the new Three-Eyed Raven.

After starting to work for Cersei (because he was thrown out of the Maester-dom for human experimentation), former Maester Qyburn also became the Master of secrets. Qyburn, having requested the presence of Grand Maester Pycelle by trickery, of course, unleashes his little birds upon the poor man and they stab him to death.

Robb Stark makes an agreement with Frey to marry one of his daughters to get access to a bridge that Frey controls. Robb later falls in love with Talisa and chooses to ignore this promise and marry her instead. The next time Robb meets Frey, Talisa is pregnant, and Frey kills them both for breaking their agreement.

Arya Stark has style! Using her newfound faceless man powers, she pretends to be someone else and serves Walder Frey a pie made out of his son's body parts. She then reveals that she is Catelyn Stark's (the woman who allegiance he betrayed) daughter and slits Walder's throat.

After the return of his exiled younger brother, Euron, the two confront each other on the bridges between the towers at Pyke. Euron manages to overpower his much older brother and throws him into the ocean littered with jagged rocks.

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