Quiz: 93% of People Can't Complete These Common Phrases. Can You?
93% of People Can't Complete These Common Phrases. Can You?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Think you can complete these common phrases? Some sayings are funny, some teach lessons, and others help paint a picture or make a point. All languages are full of proverbs and wacky sayings, and none more so than English. Many experts think that it's possible for English to have the largest vocabulary of any language spoken today, leading to even more possibilities for playing with language.  

Of course, while many things are considered common sense or common knowledge, that does not mean that everyone knows them. It is often taken for granted that "everyone knows" certain things, when in reality there are large gaps in general knowledge. Sometimes these are harmless, sometimes they are funny, and sometimes they can cause problems. What they say about assuming things is often true. The sayings that are popular also evolve as rapidly language itself does. New sayings, new words and new slang develop and disappear all the time in any living language. This is how language works. After all, most people don't use the same slang and sayings that their grandparents did.

If you think you know your English sayings and can get a handle on completing them perfectly, then give this quiz a shot! 

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