93% of People Can't Complete These Common Time-Related Sayings... Can You?

Becky Stigall

A _____ of Sundays.

The phrase is "a month of Sundays." It means a long time.

Racing against the _____.

The phrase is "racing against the clock." This means that you have very little time to get something done.

Around the _____.

The phrase is "around the clock." This refers to a 24-hour time span.

Pressed for ____.

The phrase is "pressed for time." It means that you have no time to waste.

At a _______.

The phrase is "at a stretch." It means to do something consistently without taking a break.

Half a shake of a lamb's ____.

The phrase is "half a shake of a lamb's tail." This means that something happens quickly.

Behind the _____.

The phrase is "behind the times." It refers to something or someone that is old fashioned.

Better late than _____.

The phrase is "Better late than never." It means better late than not at all.

Big ____.

The phrase is "big time." It means that something is really successful or really famous.

Call it a ___.

The phrase is often said either way, depending on the time of day. It means you're done.

Carry the ___.

The phrase is "carry the day." This typically refers to a hard-won success.

Clean your _____.

The phrase is "clean your clock." Someone who has had his or her clock cleaned has usually been beaten at something.

Come of ___.

The expression is "come of age." This is used to indicate that someone or something has reached maturity.

Crunch ____.

The phrase is "crunch time." It means that something has come down to the wire.

Day in the ___.

The phrase is "day in the sun." Someone who has his or her "day in the sun" is shining and appreciated.

Days are ________.

The expression is "days are numbered." This means that something, or someone, is coming to an end.

Doing ____.

The expression is "doing time." This refers to being in prison.

Don't know whether to ____ a watch or bark at the moon.

The expression is "don't know whether to wind a watch or bark at the moon." This phrase indicates that you are unsure or confused about what to do next.

Eleventh ____.

The phrase is "eleventh hour." It means at the last minute.

Even a broken _____ is right twice a day.

The phrase is "Even a broken clock is right twice a day." It means that everyone is bound to get lucky occasionally.

Feast today, ______ tomorrow.

The expression is "feast today, famine tomorrow." It means that you need to be frugal today or you might starve tomorrow.

Five o'clock ______.

The expression is "five o'clock shadow." This refers to the day's worth of facial hair growth on men.

Given the ____ that's in it.

The phrase is "given the day that's in it." This refers to something that should be expected under the circumstances.

Here today, ______ tomorrow.

The expression is "Here today, gone tomorrow." This means that good things don't last.

Honest as the day is ____.

The phrase is "honest as the day is long." This means someone is very honest.

Hour of ____.

The phrase is "hour of need." This means that someone needs something quite badly.

I may have been born at night, but not ____ night.

The phrase is "I may have been born at night, but not last night." It means that the speaker is not a fool.

Just in the ____ of time.

The expression is "just in the nick of time." It means to get something done at the very last second.

Like _________.

The expression is "like clockwork." This means that something happens regularly, on a specific schedule.

Like there's no ________.

The phrase is "like there's no tomorrow." Someone who does something like this does it with no regard for the future.

Long time no ____.

This phrase can go either way. You're either expressing that you haven't heard from someone in a while or seen them in a while.

Mile a ______.

The expression is "mile a minute." It means very fast.

No time like the _______.

The expression is "no time like the present." This means the best time to do something is now.

No time to ____.

The phrase is "no time to lose." This means that there is not a moment to waste.

On your _____.

The expression is "on your watch." It means that something is your responsibility.

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