Quiz: 93% of People Can't Crush This General Animal Knowledge Quiz. Can You?
93% of People Can't Crush This General Animal Knowledge Quiz. Can You?
By: Allie T.
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The animal kingdom: You could spend your entire life studying it, and there would always be more to learn. Few areas of study are quite as diverse or fascinating. Shrews, for example, have metabolisms so high, they have to eat at least three times their body weight daily. Canis familiaris, the domestic dog, is the most diverse species on earth. If there was as much genetic variation in humans as in dogs, the tallest of us would be seven feet tall, and the shortest just two feet tall!

You're probably not a zoologist but did take biology, zoology, or similar courses in school. Do you ever wonder how much you remember? If so, we've designed a quiz for you. For example, do you with which animal we humans share 98 percent of our DNA? Or what animal sleeps hanging upside down? And is a "liger" a thing? (No. No, it's not. We're not even going to test you on that one). 

So, whether you love domestic animals, like a dog or cat who shares your couch, or you're fascinated by animals that live in the wild, like the gorilla or jaguar, test your knowledge with our quiz. We promise that if you don't do well, you won't end up in the doghouse!

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The ___________ is considered to be the oldest of domesticated dog breeds.
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What large species of fish have an elongated body with strong jaws and rows of sharp teeth?
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What animal with wings, hangs upside down and sleeps during the day?
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An ___________ can lift up to 50 times its body weight.
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The _______ is one of the largest types of cows in the world.
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A female chicken is called a ____________.
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Humans share 98% of their DNA with a ____________.
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A _________ turns into a butterfly or a moth.
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If a donkey and a horse mate, they produce a ________.
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________ have excellent sight allowing them to detect movement from long distances.
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What are the two primary species of the elephant?
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What is the largest bird native to Australia?
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What bird likes to stand on one leg?
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A gecko is a type of _______________.
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___________ store food in their large cheek pouches to take back to their stash "underground."
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What large hoofed animal has two humps on its back?
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__________ sleep for 18 hours a day, 6 hours at a time.
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What is an adult female horse called?
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A jackal is a member of the _________ family.
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__________ bears are not part of the bear family, they are in fact marsupials.
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A moose is also known as an ___________.
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What bear inhabits the ice fields of the Arctic?
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The female _____________ will carry all 15 of her babies on her back.
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The _______ belongs to the same bird family as pheasants.
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Rabbits are _____________.
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The _________ devil is a lizard specific to Australia.
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The __________ seal is the largest species of seal.
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There are at least 1 billion _________ on this planet, with most of them in commercial farming.
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A large carnivorous bird that eats the dead.
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An animal that is half horse and half zebra is called a _______.
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What small species of monkey has gorgeous white fur that flows over its head and shoulders?
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The ___________ wolf can live year round in sub-zero temperatures.
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What big animal has horns made from keratin?
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The ________ toad produces a toxin that is used in arrow darts.
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What semi-aquatic rodent is found in the UK and Europe?
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