Quiz: 93% of People Can't Identify All of This Fishing Gear. Can You?
93% of People Can't Identify All of This Fishing Gear. Can You?
By: Bambi Turner
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Is your ultimate idea of fun a day spent on a fishing boat, reeling in catch after catch? Would you prefer catching your own dinner over dining at the hottest restaurant? If so, this just might be the quiz for you!

Forget makeup and special effects -- the biggest media misconception of them all is the sport of fishing. There are countless examples of TV and movie characters relaxing on the river bank, tying a simple length of string to a convenient stick, adding an earthworm to a hook and casting a line. Shortly later, we see our on-screen hero strolling on home with his catch slung over his shoulder, whistling all the way. 

As any fisherman today will tell you ... yeah, right. Fishing is largely the art of patience, of sitting in silence as you hope and pray for a bite. And sure, it's possible a nice catfish might go for that earthworm, but the days of fishing with bare-bones gear are long gone.

Today's fishermen typically carry a tackle box full of supplies, with tricked-out rods and reels that can cost hundreds of dollars. Worms and other traditional bait have largely been replaced by artificial lures and plugs, which perfectly mimic a fish's favorite prey, and typically cost a pretty penny.

Think you know enough about the sport to reel in a big one? Take our fishing gear quiz to find out!

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