93% of People Can't Name These Famous Female Athletes from an Image. Can You?
by Kennita Leon
WNBA via Youtube/CrossFit® via Youtube/kinu85 via Youtube

When we used to think of sports, we only thought of men. But these women have been working hard over the years to make sure that not only do they get their names out there but that the gender on a whole is recognized for its athletic feats and prowess. We've compiled a list of some of the best female athletes in the world, some who still play today, others who have retired, and some who have passed, to make the best female sports star identification quiz on the internet. Do you think you can handle it? 

We've all heard about Venus and Serena Williams, and of course, the uncomparable Laila Ali and Rhonda Rousey, but do you know who Kacy Catanzaro is? She's a woman who broke barriers and opened the door for many other women to join and succeed at the ultimate athletics challenge, Ninja Warrior. And sure you know who Simone Biles is, but do you remember Nadia Comaneci? She's a former five-time Olympic gold gymnast and was the first to receive a perfect score at the Olympic games.

So, you see, it's not just about our current stars. We have women from all around the world, who play a variety of sports. So are you ready to identify them all? Let's get started.

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