Quiz: 94% of People Can't Identify the WWII Ship Type From an Image! Can You?
94% of People Can't Identify the WWII Ship Type From an Image! Can You?
By: Jacqueline Samaroo

About This Quiz

From epic land battles to air campaigns, World War II is known for the devastation of war. But, it was control of the sea that helped America aid the Allies forces and eventually defeat the Axis in battle. From medical and supply ships to ships that launched aircraft and sought out the death-tolling U-boats command of the sea was a priority of the war. Tens of thousands of lives were lost in harrowing battles and even maritime accidents, but it is the carriers, battleships, the sloops, and subs that protected millions of others. 

How well do you know your maritime World War II ships?  Could you identify a minesweeper from a cruiser? Would you know the difference between a battleship and sloop? Or, if lost and injured at sea how do you think you would identify a medical ship? They're probably not as hard to identify as you'd think. Do you know what a net layer is? Or, do you think you've seen a fighter catapult ship? 

These are the ships that helped lead the Allied forces to defeat the Axis in the second world war. It's time to prove your worth sailor, and figure out these ships from an image!

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