Quiz: Can You Name These Famous Cars Without Their Logos?
Can You Name These Famous Cars Without Their Logos?
By: Craig
Image: media library

About This Quiz

So, what's the deal with car logos, anyway? Did you know that nearly every car-brand logo has a secret behind it? Car logos not only instill comfort for the owners and pride for the manufacturer, they also often tell the history of their brand. From a star-filled Japanese skyline to ancient chemical symbols, you might be surprised that the manufacturer of your car may be providing an entire company history on the hood or grill of your vehicle as you travel 70 m.p.h. down the highway.

That's great and all, but would you be able to identify a car without its logo? The fact is that most people can't. Even cars as iconic as Mercedes-Benz "Gullwing" might give you room for pause as you wonder, "Is that a Mercedes? Maybe it's an older 'vette, or... a Bentley?" So, it doesn't matter how curvy, sleek, or sporty your vehicle is, without that four-inch emblem, people may always wonder what you're driving.

But you're better than that, aren't you? You're a roadster through-and-through. So, let's test out those driving skills and see if you're as good as you think. Can you figure out a Bentley from a Mercedes? Are you Ford tough? Is that a Scion or a Saturn? We're not here to trick you, but we are certain that some of these logos are tricky to figure out.

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