Quiz: 95% of People Can't Ace This A-Z Science General Knowledge Quiz
95% of People Can't Ace This A-Z Science General Knowledge Quiz
By: Torrance Grey
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About This Quiz

Science: A lot of us think of it as a really difficult school subject, or as the judgments of a council of intellectual elites --" Scientists," with a capital S. But at core, science is neither of these things. It's the study of the universe as it is (not as we would like it to be; for example, not with the earth at the center of the solar system).

Once you take science on its own terms, it's a beautiful and fascinating subject. There is nothing it does not study and illuminate, from subatomic particles to the limits of the universe -- if there are such limits. Of course, everyone has a favorite scientific subject, from astronomy to zoology. This quiz will test you on many of them. Do you know, for example, what the Earth's radiation belts are called? Or in what field you'd hear people referring to a "joule"? Or what the term "exobiology" refers to? You'll need to know a little about a variety of disciplines. So you're likely to do better if you're a curious person with a subscription to Scientific American than if you studied one scientific field in college and ignored the rest.

Are you ready to channel your inner Bill Nye? Great! Let's do this!

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