Quiz: Can You ID These Cult Movies?
Can You ID These Cult Movies?
By: Andrew Katz

About This Quiz

By definition, cult movies are movies that have developed passionate fan bases, so much so that they are labeled as cult members. These fans are devoted to the movie or movies in the series and can often quote conversations between characters and watch the movie or movies repeatedly.

Cult movies aren't just reserved for those movies that do very well in Hollywood. In fact, most times, cult classics have been some of the biggest box office bombs in history.

The term came about during the '70s and was used to describe those movies that were kept afloat purely by fan love. These movies, at the time, were among some of the most controversial (they included too much profanity, sexuality, violence, gore or a combination of all), hence the reason why most of Hollywood did not deem them to be successes. They are known for being ironic and having bad taste and very often bordering on the absolutely and ridiculously impossible, despite the genre of the movie.

Fear not, not all cult movies and movie directors have had it bad. Quentin Tarantino is one of the cult directors who has had success with his productions. What with movies like Dawn of the Dead, The Girl From Star Ship Venus and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Tarantino has managed to prove that there are both money and well-won victories in the world of cult movies.

Are you certain that you're a big enough fan to identify all these cult classics?

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