95% of People Can't Name All of These Items Found in a Sporting Goods Store. Can You?

By: Khadija Leon

The standard basketball is a sphere-shaped ball used in the sport with the same name. They range in size from 27 – 29.5 inches in circumference. In the sport, it can be dribbled, shot and passed as well as being used to perform many different tricks.

Hockey sticks are pieces of equipment used to move a puck or ball around. They are used in many different types of hockey, everything from field to ice to roller to underwater hockey. The stick is no longer than 50 inches in length and is available in 5 different angles.

A pogo stick is a piece of equipment which people use to jump off the ground while in a standing position. The pogo stick consists of a pole with a spring at the bottom, and a footrest with handles, and is sometimes used as a toy and in extreme sports.

A shuttlecock is sometimes called a bird/birdie and is a projectile used in a sport called badminton. The item has an opened cone shape of feathers which is attached to a rounded rubber base. Players use their rackets to hit the shuttlecock across a net while trying to prevent it from hitting the ground.

Goal-keeping gloves are used in football/soccer by the goal keeper and serve to protect the player’s hands while they try to prevent goals from being scored. They are manufactured by multiple brands, some of which are more popular than others.

A table tennis net is used in the sport for which it was named after. Much like the sport tennis, a total of 2-4 players attempt to hit a small lightweight ball back and forth across a small table over a net with small bats.

A javelin is a type of spear that is over 8 feet long in length. It is part of a track and field event where the participant must run across a 98-foot runway and throw the javelin overhand once reaching the end.

A discus is an instrument used in the track and field event called the discus throw. The standard discus weighs about pound and is typically made of a metal core surrounded by a rim of different types of material. The discus is typically thrown at an angle and is measured by the distance from the starting point.

A medicine ball is a type of weighted ball which is used for rehabilitation as well as for strength training, especially in the field of sports medicine. Medicine balls come in weights that range from 2 to 20 pounds and come in a diameter of 14” to 36”.

Knee pads aren’t only used in the sporting world, as they are also used as protective gear for soldiers. Their primary use is to protect the knees from injuries including falling, getting hit as well as providing extra cushioning to this vulnerable area.

Cones are used in many sports including soccer, football, volleyball and any other sport that requires training. They come in all different shapes and sizes and are commonly used during drilling activities.

Badminton by nature is a racket sport, and the players must use the rackets to hit the shuttlecock across the net. The sport can be played in either singles or doubles and is usually played as an outdoor activity.

Resistance bands are elastic bands which are mostly used for physical therapy and resistance training. There are many different types of bands, some of which are specific to different parts of the body.

Cricket balls are hard spherical balls which are covered by leather and are traditionally red or white in color. Although they are used in the same sport, the colored balls are said to behave differently. The white balls have more of a swing but deteriorate more quickly than the red ones.

Tennis is another racket sport that is usually played in singles or doubles and involves the use of tennis rackets to hit a ball across a court and over a net. The first sets of rackets were made of wood, but with recent advancements have seen it being made from carbon fiber.

Rugby balls are elongated ellipsoid-shaped balls used in the sport of rugby. The first balls were made by Richard Lindon out of leather casings and pigs’ bladders, and came in various sizes. The ones used by the rugby union are made only from leather and come in many different colors and patterns.

Fishing rods are long and very flexible instruments used to catch fish. Stemming from a simple line attached to a stick, these rods have developed into much more complicated devices.

Sometimes called a crosse, lacrosse sticks consist of a shaft topped by a triangular netting where the ball is often caught. The original lacrosse sticks were wooden, but modern sticks are now made of metal and have a plastic head.

Ice skates are a type of shoe used be people to safely move across ice. Typically used for ice skating, other ‘ice’ sports, such as ice hockey and speed skating have also adopted the pair of boots. They are also worn by people who recreationally visit ice skating rinks.

Not to be confused with medicine balls, exercise balls are soft inflatable elastic balls that range in size from 10-40 inches in diameter. They are used in athletic training, physical therapy, yoga, weight training and even in birthing classes.

Dynamic ropes, in contrast to static ropes, are slightly elastic, which allow them to absorb energy from sudden loads which allow them to decrease their peak force, therefore lowering the chances of catastrophe.

Goggles are used in both the sporting and regular world, mostly as protective eyewear. There are many different types, some of which include cold weather, swimming, racquetball, basketball, aviation and virtual reality.

Snorkels are a type of breathing tube which are used by people swimming underwater. Most snorkels come as a separate item, but some come integrated with face masks. They usually come in a J-shape and are used for breathing air from the surface above.

Bat grip is a slip-resistant tape that reduces the stress on the hands of player, allowing them to decrease the grip pressure. It comes in many different styles and patterns and can be used by people of all different levels.

Foosball which is sometimes called table football or table soccer, is a table top game which is loosely based on football. The ball is placed in the center of the table and players must attempt to use the figures to propel the ball into the goal of the opposing team.

Bioflex cups are a type of protective equipment used to shield a man’s genital region from vigorous activity and blunt force. They are typically used in contact sports, cycling and anything with vigorous physical activity.

Mouth guards are devices used to protect the teeth and gums from various abrasions. They are most commonly used in the sporting world in contact sports which include but are not limited to basketball, football, lacrosse and boxing.

Usually found in office supply stores, clipboards are rigid boards with a clip at the top, which is used to hold paper in place. They are used by a wide range of people including coaches, doctors and police officers, all of which use it to write notes while the paper is supported.

Swim or bathing caps are skin-tight hats worn on the heads of both competitive and recreational swimmers. They are worn in order to keep the hair protected from chlorinated and fresh water, and to decrease the drag caused from loose hair.

Simply put, a hydration pack is a backpack which has a built-in water storage system in it, usually in the form of a bladder. Attached to this bladder is a hose which allows people to drink from the pack. The amount of water that the packs can hold varies, but is usually between 1 to 3 liters of water.

A bowling ball, as its name suggests, is a type of ball used in the sport of bowling. They usually come with 3 to 5 holes and are thrown down a 60-foot-long lane in the hopes of knocking down the bowling pins.

If you've ever taken a fastball off the shin, you know how important this is. It's also handy when your own foul tip decides to target your calf.

Punching bags were designed to withstand numerous and repeated beatings. They are cylindrical in shape and can be filled with anything from rice to Styrofoam to sand. Typically used in the sport of boxing, they have also been used in martial arts as well as many other sports.

The first hammock was said to have been seen by Spanish colonists who visited the West Indies. It is a type of sling which is used for swinging and relaxing, and is made from either netting, rope or fabric.

Sometimes called hiking poles or sticks, trekking poles are accessories which help its user to trek through extremely rough terrain. They share many qualities with a ski pole, some of which are its wrist grips and padded handles.

Exercise mats come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes, and tend to vary based on their use. There are many different types, the most popular of which are Pilates, yoga, fitness, foam and floor protectors.

In the fishing world, bait is any substance which is used to catch fish. Traditionally, items like worms, leeches or smaller fish were used, but today, there are many different types of plastic lures being used.

Yoga mats are a type of exercise mats that are used by people who practice yoga. They are specially fabricated so as to prevent the hands and feet from slipping. The mats are usually 72” long by 24” wide and vary in thickness.

The shot put is a heavy spherical object which is a part of the track and field events. They usually weigh between 8 and 16 pounds and are thrown using a gliding or spinning style. The sport has been a part of the Olympics since the 1890s for men and the 1940s for women.

Paintball guns are low-energy air weapons used in a team shooting sport in which groups of people shoot each other with spherical dye-filled capsules called paintballs. The recreational sport was developed sometime in the '80s and is sometimes being used in military and law enforcement training.

Darts belong to a group of throwing sports in which small missile-shaped objects (called darts) are thrown at a circular board (dartboard) which is fixed to the wall. While it is a competitive sport, darts are usually found in pubs and bars.

Paddle boards are very similar to surfboards but vary in size and use. They are used in paddle boarding, an activity which can be done while sitting, kneeling or standing up. The classes of paddle boards include stock boards, 14-foot boards and unlimited boards.

Longboards are often confused with skateboards, and while they are very similar, the longboards come in a variety of shapes and are longer than the skateboard. It is also faster and kahuna sticks can be used with them.

Shin guards or pads, are exactly what they sound like; pieces of equipment which are meant to be worn in front of the shins for protection. These guards are worn in sports such as soccer, baseball, cricket and lacrosse among many others.

Megaphones, sometimes called bullhorns, are portable cone-shaped horns used to amplify the voice of the person or sound going into it. The chosen sound is introduced in to the smaller end of the megaphone, which is then transmitted to the larger end. They are usually used to give large groups of people directions.

A wakeboard is a medium-sized rectangular-shaped board with a shoe-like binding attached to it. The board is seen attached to the back of the motorboat by a cable, which the user holds onto.

Heart rate monitors are, as the name says, monitoring devices which allow people to measure one’s heart rate. They are typically used in various types of sports and physical activities. In more recent years, there are models which assess breathing rates, and heart rate variability.

A singlet is a tight-fitting one-piece uniform which is used in amateur and professional wrestling. It is usually made of spandex or lycra and is cut in three different ways, a high cut, the low cut and the FILA cut.

The croquet stick is a type of mallet that is used in the sport of croquet. It is used to hit wooden (and sometimes plastic) balls through hoops which are embedded into a grass court. There are several variations of the game including golf, garden and ricochet.

Rash guards are a type of athletic clothing, specifically shirts, which are usually made of spandex and nylon. It was given that name due to its ability to protect from irritation caused by sunburn or abrasion and are usually worn in water sporting activities.

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Dick's or Modell's? Everyone probably has their favorite sporting goods store, but the real dilemma isn't choosing one. It's making your way through the store! With the countless items in these stores, it's easy to get lost and distracted. 95% of people can't name all of these things in a sporting goods store. Can you?

When you go to a sporting goods store, you most likely have a purpose in mind. Maybe you just picked up soccer and need new cleats. You might've joined the softball team, so a new mitt is on your list of items to buy. Do you have a fishing trip planned? Do you need a new rod or reel?

While all of these stores are split into departments, you're probably still getting lost within them. With boxing, cricket, field hockey and hunting & shooting, you can be sure that there's some equipment in there that you've never seen. 

Can you tell the difference between a hockey and cricket helmet? Could you identify the tree stands needed for hunting? Can you pick out knee pads versus elbow pads? These are common items that you'd find in every sporting goods store. Just because you've been to Modell's hundreds of times doesn't mean you could identify every item in there. 95% of people can't ace this quiz. Can you?

You might be walking into this quiz looking for a volleyball, but you might come out of it with a perfect score! Let's see if you can do it.

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