Quiz: 96% of Americans Can't Name These Patriotic Movies From a Single Image! Can You?
96% of Americans Can't Name These Patriotic Movies From a Single Image! Can You?
By: Craig
Image: TMDB

About This Quiz

How well do you remember these patriotic movies? Take this quiz to find out.

We Americans love our patriotic movies. And motion picture studios love to give moviegoers what they want. After all, isn't that what they make a living doing?

We've got a ton of movies to choose from for this quiz, but let's chat about some of the more iconic patriotic movies of all time.

Some of our favorite patriotic movies of all time are "Born on the Fourth of July," with Tom Cruise; "The Patriot," starring Mel Gibson; "Black Hawk Down," with Josh Hartnett, and "Pearl Harbor," starring Josh Hartnett, Kate Beckinsale, Ben Affleck, and Jennifer Garner. 

But perhaps one of our most favorite patriotic movies is "Independence Day," starring Jeff Goldblum, Will Smith, Bill Pullman, and Judd Hirsch. The movie, released in 1996, was the highest grossing film of that year. A load of technical special effects earned the film more than one award, and the film grossed more than $800 million at the box office from a mere $75 million budget. The story and the effects of this film are hailed as a turning point for Hollywood movies.

Think you can name each of these patriotic movies? Let's get started.

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