Quiz: Only 1 in 49 People Can Correctly Name All 30 Final Fantasy Characters! Are You One?
Only 1 in 49 People Can Correctly Name All 30 Final Fantasy Characters! Are You One?
By: Eli Youngs
Image: media library

About This Quiz

Do you have enough mana to defeat this Final Fantasy quiz?

Final Fantasy is a decades-old series of video games that incorporates elements of both fantasy and science fiction to create immersive worlds and riveting stories. While the series of video games may be immensely popular and extremely successful nowadays, initially both the creator and studio behind the first game actually created it as a last-ditch effort to solve their financial and creative troubles - hence the "Final" part of the name!

Final Fantasy is a game that has influenced countless other games, produced several shameless imitators and garnered undisputed praise. Selling over 130 million units all together, the series is one of the best-selling video games franchises of all time, garnering a very passionate and devoted fan base. The franchise has also spawned products in other types of media, including anime, manga and CGI films. As a result of this, our Final Fantasy quiz pulls characters from the extensive library of video games - from the iconic heroes and their supporting allies to the devious villains and antiheroes. 

So c'mon, reload your gun-arm and sharpen up your Buster Sword. Let's see if you can handle our FInal Fantasy quiz!

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