Quiz: 96% of people can't identify these Patrick Swayze movie titles with only one image! Can you?
96% of people can't identify these Patrick Swayze movie titles with only one image! Can you?
By: Kayla McGovern
Image: The Movie Database

About This Quiz

"Nobody puts Baby in a corner!" Did you swoon like the millions of people who've watched Dirty Dancing? If you're ready to have the time of your life, look no further!

Patrick Swayze began his film career in the 1979 film, Skatedown, U.S.A. as the lead character, Ace Johnson. The heartthrob would go on to appear in numerous TV shows like M*A*S*HThe Renegades, and North and South. While you might love to catch a glimpse of his face on the TV, we're here for his movies!

Following his 1979 debut, Patrick Swayze would go on to star in a series of cult classics. 1987 brought the introduction of Johnny Castle in the blockbuster hit Dirty Dancing. In 1991, the actor starred alongside Keanu Reeves in the crime thriller, Point Break. Before this role as Bodhi, Patrick Swayze starred in the highest grossing film of 1990, Ghost. Alongside Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg, the film was able to rake in numerous award nominations.

With over 30 films on his resume, can you recognize these Patrick Swayze films from one picture? If you saw Swayze next to Jake Gyllenhaal or Drew Barrymore, could you identify the 2001 sci-fi film? What if he was playing the mysterious bouncer, James Dalton? 

Are you ready to bring your talents on stage like Johnny and Baby or will they disappear into the night like a Ghost? Lights, camera, action!

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