96% of people can't win all 9000 points on this 1960s movie picture reveal game! Can you?

By: J. Scott Wilson

Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper play the leads in this most iconic of counterculture movies. As hippies Wyatt and Billy, they sell some pot, stash the money and take off on their motorcycles across the country, meeting slices of life along the way.

Among the times he was overlooked for a best actor Oscar in his career, this was the most egregious for Peter O'Toole. He struts, barks and completely owns this epic David Lean war movie.

Is there an English-speaking corner of this planet where singing the opening lines of the title song won't get at least a few smiles? OK, well maybe not at the coroner's office ... but anywhere else!

In the annals of movie spectacles, few productions come close to touching "Cleopatra" for wretched excess. It won four Oscars, all in the production categories, because there simply wasn't another movie that garish on the slate.

Here's the original that created the empire, with Charlton Heston as the lost astronaut and Roddy McDowall as the helpful ape. The last scene, with Heston stumbling across the Statue of Liberty on the beach, is a complete classic.

Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway created one of the most enduring couples in movie history with this film. I've always wondered if the Eagles' "Life in the Fast Lane" was an homage to the film.

Here's something you probably didn't know: The book on which the movie was based was penned by none other than the Father of Bond himself, Ian Fleming. I guess after you design a car with missile launchers, making one that flies isn't such a stretch.

This movie was almost unfair with the number of phobias it touched on. Every parent who's ever worried about creepy neighbors or relatives was given sleepless nights by this Ira Levin classic.

It's Eastwood and Leone again, making another Western classic. This time, Clint plays a wandering gunfighter who plays two families off against each other.

Based on "Pygmalion," this comedic classic features Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn at the height of her power. The plot seems horridly misogynistic in today's society, but for its time this was pretty hilarious stuff.

You might get a hint of Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds" here, and you wouldn't be too far off. In this case, a squad of a dozen hardened criminals (murderers) are trained to go on an assassination spree of the Nazi high command.

This is Paul Newman at his tortured tough-guy best. He plays the title character, who's locked up in a rural prison but escapes frequently, until the prison goons beat him down.

Don't beat yourself up if you don't remember this movie. There's a silly plot about a stolen scroll and mysterious strangers, seemingly spontaneous dance numbers and bikinis for absolutely no reason. I'm sure it'll become a Netflix series soon.

This is one of the most polarizing science fiction movies ever made. While most aficionados praise it for groundbreaking special effects, a unique plot and the use of the soundtrack, more modern sci-fi fans decry it as slow and ponderous. It does have a serious lack of explosions and laser cannon battles, but I've always loved it.

This may be the most British of the live-action Disney movies of the '60s and '70s. Julie Andrews and her magic umbrella became an iconic character almost immediately, and there's a remake in the works for late 2018.

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