Quiz: Can You Identify All 50 Dramas From Just One Screenshot?
Can You Identify All 50 Dramas From Just One Screenshot?
By: Narra Jackson
Image: TMDB

About This Quiz

Many of the best movies ever made fall into the drama category. Dramas have a way of transporting us to another world and getting under our skin. From spending time with death-row inmates, to tapping into our fears about nuclear weapons falling into the hands of crazed generals, when we watch dramas, we allow ourselves to understand someone else's experience.

Humans have been creating dramas for others to watch since ancient times--and we still retell stories from centuries past, because they tell us something about our modern selves. "Seven Samurai" might take place in the 16th century, but it shows us how communities can come together to defend each other.

"The Green Mile" and "The Shawshank Redemption" make us contemplate the prison system in the U.S., even if those films take place decades ago.

American dramas show us our love-affair with the nitty-gritty lives of the American Mafia and crime families. Can you tell the difference between "Scarface," "The Godfather," and  "American Gangster" from a single screenshot?  

Take this quiz to find out how well-versed you are in the dramatic cinematic experience!

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Stupid is as stupid does if you can't guess this movie:
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We'll make you an offer you can't refuse if you can't name this movie:
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Guess this Spielberg film that focuses on events during the Holocaust:
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Name this film set in Gotham:
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This is the second installment of Coppola's famous gangster film series:
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Name this Scorsese-directed crime drama:
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Name this Tony Kaye directed drama about neo-Nazis:
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Nurse Ratched orders you to name this drama:
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A young Natalie Portman appeared in this film about an assassin:
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Name this 1999 prison drama about death row:
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Name this Coen brothers-directed drama, Friendo:
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Identify this violent novel-turned-film:
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Identify this edgy Brazilian film:
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Name this surreal media-focused film:
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Name this L.A.-centric Paul Haggis film:
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You talking to me, or can you tell which film this is:
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Here's looking at you, kid, in this Humphrey Bogart-led drama:
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Identify this gangster drama:
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Choose a life, choose a job, and choose the title of this film:
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Name this award-winning film about a female boxer:
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Name this film about a real life con-man:
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Name this film again, and again, and again:
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Name this Ron Howard film about a mathematical genius:
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If you know Rosebud, you know the name of this movie:
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Name this courtroom drama:
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Friend, unfriend or block someone, and name this film:
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Name this nonfiction film about survival and solitude:
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Name this multifaceted L.A. drama:
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Identify this period film set in the Five Points area:
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This movie is about brothers, autism and gambling:
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Name this crime drama directed by Ridley Scott:
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Identify this film set in Las Vegas:
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Tom Hanks must survive on his own in this film:
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Identify this fantastical Spike Jonze comedy:
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Name this sports film starring Mickey Rourke:
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Identify this contemplative Western film:
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Name this remake of a classic Western:
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Whether you're an Aries or a Taurus, you should be able to name this film about a serial killer:
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This classic scene is from a Classical composer's life:
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Name this film about the Tutsi genocide:
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Name this complex Alejandro González Iñárritu drama:
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