Quiz: Can You Name All These Disney Princesses Within 5 Minutes?
Can You Name All These Disney Princesses Within 5 Minutes?
By: Chelsea
Image: Disney

About This Quiz

Are you ready to be crowned? Step right into this quiz and we'll tell you if you're royalty!

Since the beginning of TV and film, our screens have been flooded with images of princesses. The 1930s brought the immersion of the animated princess with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Princess Ann was frolicking around and sight-seeing in Rome in Roman Holiday. As time has progressed, you've watched countless princesses make their appearance on the TV and movie screen. 

Disney grew their team of princesses to over ten, with the additions of characters like Cinderella, Mulan, Tiana and Rapunzel. You might've watched Anastasia find her rightful place as princess, while awkward teen, Mia Thermopolis was groomed into a Genovian princess. You witnessed the introduction of strong fighters like Xena, the warrior princess, and Wonder Woman, the Amazonian princess.

With all the princesses appearing on screen, can you defend your crown and remember each and every one of them? If an animated princess appeared with brunette locks, could you recognize her? What if you saw her in a long, yellow ballgown? Would you be able to pick out the blonde dragon princess from the HBO classic?

From the soft and shy to the strong and powerful, movie princesses come in all forms. Can you recognize them all or will your crown be snatched away? 

Watch your throne!

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