Quiz: 97% of People Can't Tell Which Decade These Trucks Are From. Can You?
97% of People Can't Tell Which Decade These Trucks Are From. Can You?
By: Craig
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OK, truck guys and gals, we're going to test your truckin' brains today with this quiz! You'll be given a picture of a classic truck, and even a hint, and asked to identify which decade saw the debut of the iron-hearted muscle vehicle being shown!

Where would we be today without trucks? Whether you're trying to stock a grocery store, move your furniture across the country, haul a load of dirt or compost to start a home garden or just cart all the kids' worldly leisure possessions for a day at the lake, there's no doubt that trucks are the most useful vehicles on four (or 18) wheels.

It wasn't long after Henry Ford rolled a Model T off the line that some enterprising tinkerers started adding primitive truck beds to them. It then didn't take long for Detroit to take notice of the trend and start cranking out pickups for the masses. They were indispensable on early 20th century farms, taking the place of the trusty horse and wagon to hauls supplies to keep the crops and animals going.

In World War II, trucks went to war, ferrying men and munitions into the teeth of enemy fire and (often) the wounded to hospitals behind the lines.

Today's trucks are streamlined, sleek, sometimes even with hybrid or electric engines, but they all trace their lineage to those early haulers. How many of them can you identify?

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