Quiz: 98% of People Can't Crush This General Car Knowledge Quiz! Can You?
98% of People Can't Crush This General Car Knowledge Quiz! Can You?
By: Craig
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Cars: We all rely on them (well, most of us), but how much do you know about the best friend under your carport (or in your garage, if you're lucky!) 

It's been more than a century since innovator Henry Ford made cars available to the average American, and in that time there's been a wide variety of makes and models -- from those that have become classics and are still lovingly kept up and seen on the roads, to those that didn't catch on and are remembered by few. Not to mention all the types of cars manufactured by our friends overseas. They make some of the most coveted, best-performing cars in the world! (We're looking at you, Germany!)

Do you know, for example, which car sold an astounding 21 million units before its line was finally discontinued? Or what "BMW" stands for? (No, despite the popular 1980s joke, it's not "break my window"). Or what kind of AMC Wayne's buddy, Garth, drove in "Wayne's World"? 

There's a lot to get into here -- so don't wait! Take your inner car buff out for a spin with our quiz! We promise that no matter how well or poorly you do, you're not going to lose your license! 

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Which Japanese manufacturers makes a model called Yaris?
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A muscle car from Plymouth shared its name with a cartoon character. Who was it?
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The Dodge Neon was marketed under another name in Europe. What was it?
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In what year was American Motor Corporation formed?
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Which two brands merged to form the American Motor Corporation?
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In the famous slacker movie, "Wayne's World," Wayne's friend, Garth, drives what model of AMC?
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BMW did not make cars at first, but engines for what?
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In what year did Chevrolet introduce their iconic Corvette to the American market?
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Which American vehicle manufacturer made the iconic Model T?
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How many Ford Model T's were made during the 19 years the car was manufactured?
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Which vehicle was produced for the longest period in automative history?
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During its 75-year production run, how many VW Beetles were built?
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In the Stephen King novel, 'Christine,' the main protagonist is a haunted vehicle. What make of vehicle was Christine?
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So we all know Herbie from the famous movie, "The Love Bug," as well as many others. However, do you remember the number on Herbie's side?
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Which Japanese manufacturer was first to sell its vehicles in the United Kingdom in 1968?
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Which Japanese manufacturer was first to sell its vehicles in the United States in 1958?
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The movie, "Bullitt," has one of the greatest car chase scenes ever filmed. What car is Steve McQueen driving during the chase.
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This modern Ford is named after a sign of the zodiac. What is it?
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Can you name the Dodge model that is either the name of a famous TV private investigator or the size of a wine bottle?
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Which Ford model is considered one of the ultimate muscle cars?
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Lada vehicles are made in which country?
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The SS badge is carried by all of Chevrolet's high-performance vehicles. What does SS stand for?
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The Volkswagen Beetle was first built in 1938 in Germany. Which world leader first had the idea for a 'People's Car.'
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What is the name of the popular van made by Ford since 1965?
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The first Jeeps, used by US forces during World War II were made by which company?
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The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is one of the most famous racetracks in the world. What is its nickname?
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When it comes to stopping your car, what does ABS stand for?
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In car maintenance, after how many miles should you rotate your tires?
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Tires come in various sizes. You notice a sale on 195/65R15 tires. Which of these figures relate to the rim size on which the tires will fit?
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For a petrol engine to run, three main things are needed. What are they?
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Which German manufacturer is responsible for modes such as the Golf, Passat and Scirocco.
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Gull Wing doors are found on a number of modern sports cars. Which vehicle was the first to use them in the mid-50s?
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